Building Our Future: Main Library Renovation

Second Floor Plan
Third Floor Plan

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Renovation News & Updates

Movies & Music is now located on the second floor.

About the Main Library Renovation

Monroe County Public Library is undergoing renovations to address the changing needs of the Library and the future needs of Monroe County residents. We are creating two new and exciting services: a dedicated Teen Space and a Digital Creativity Center for all ages. These two new spaces will enable the Library to meet the current and future needs of Monroe County residents as 21st century literacy skills and traditional library services evolve. The Library will remain open throughout the renovation, but some areas will be temporarily closed and others relocated. Look for updates throughout the Library and on this webpage.

FIRST PHASE: May–August, 2014

  • Movies & Music moves to the second floor
  • Auditorium and Children’s Program Room closed for renovation; will reopen September 2014
  • New Friends of the Library Bookstore under construction (current Bookstore will be open during construction)
  • Other spaces under construction: Community Access Television Services and Community Outreach

SECOND PHASE: September 2014–Early 2015

  • New spaces under construction: Teen Space, Digital Creativity Center, and new meeting rooms; will open in early 2015
  • Other spaces under construction: Collection Services and Information Systems offices, Friends of the Library Bookstore storage and workroom

Building Spaces being Created and Renovated

» Teen Space

The Library is creating a new space dedicated for use by Monroe County middle and high school students. The space will be located where Music & Movies and the Friends of the Library Bookstore are currently located.

In the new space, teens will gather with their peers in a relaxed atmosphere, be creative, and learn new technologies that are not necessarily available at home or at another venue. The design reflects the desire expressed by teens, and the people who support them, for a space which is "relaxing"; "comfortable for hanging out with new and old friends"; "lit with natural light and a mix of artificial lighting"; "green"; uses moveable and flexible furniture, upbeat natural colors and locally crafted materials; and has a stylish "cool" design; provides noisy as well as quiet spaces; and offers low tech as well as high tech activities. Books and magazines for teens will move to this space from the second floor.

» Digital Creativity Center

Like the teen space, the Digital Creativity Center will be a new space for the Library. It will be located in a highly visible location off the first floor Atrium immediately adjacent to the teen space.

The Digital Creativity Center will provide access to new technologies which patrons may use to create their own music, video, and graphic products. Like the teen space, the Digital Creativity Center will provide experiences, equipment, and guidance to Monroe County residents that are not available at home or in another local venue. Technologies, such as digital media, a recording sound booth, and a video production studio, will offer these unique technology experiences to Library patrons.

» Movies & Music

To make space for the Teen Space and Digital Creativity Center, Movies & Music has moved to the second floor. This is a natural and convenient home for the collection, as it now resides with the rest of the adult collections on the second floor.

» Friends of the Library Bookstore

The Friends of the Library Bookstore is a popular destination for visitors to the Library with its reputation for providing high quality used books.  The Bookstore is currently tucked away in the back of Movies & Music. The new location, to the west of the Children’s Department, will give the Bookstore higher visibility and an area better tailored for its needs as a retail space.

» Children's Program Room

The Children’s Program Room will move to the space immediately adjacent to the current program room, in order to accommodate the Friends Bookstore.  The new location will provide a new, centrally-located focal point in the Children’s Department, with better visibility by staff and patrons.

» Auditorium

The Auditorium will receive some much-needed updates. The deficiencies to be addressed include updating flooring to make the auditorium safe and more accessible; updating the lighting and sound systems which are currently difficult to use; improving acoustics; and creating a side-wing on the east side of the stage, a Green Room for pre-performance preparations, and a secure storage area.

» Community Outreach

The current offices for Community Outreach will be utilized in the creation of the Digital Creativity Lab and Friends Bookstore. The offices will be moved to a more optimal location for their work, adjacent to the elevators to the Garage where the Bookmobile and Outreach vans reside, and will gain natural light.

» Meeting Rooms

The last renovation left 1,100 square feet of under-utilized space, behind the New Arrivals area adjacent to the parking lot doors on the second floor. This renovation plan calls for the creation of a medium-size Meeting Room and two small Conference/Study Rooms to respond to frequent requests.

» Collection Services & Information Systems

With digital media replacing many traditional and physical books and movies, the space needs of Collections Services and Information Systems are changing. The rearrangement of the third floor offices addresses these changing needs, bringing these two departments closer together and adding natural light to both office areas.

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