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New Movies & Music

Year Published: 2000

Buck and the preacher

This is the story of the perils faced by a wagon train of courageous black settlers. It's the 1860s and Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation has just freed the country's slaves, but a group of vigilate nightraiders are resentful of the black men's newly-gained freedom.

Year Published: 2014

The honorable woman.

Two siblings, Nessa and Ephra stein, children of a zionist arms procurer, now run a foundation aiming to reduce the conflict through increasing Palestine's economic prosperity. When Nessa's foundation is about to announce a major business contract with a prominent Palestinian businessman, he is found dead in an apparent suicide. As doubt circles around his cause of death, an international investigation turns into a manhunt.

Year Published: 2013

Big picture, the - rethinking dyslexia

Personal and uplifting accounts of the dyslexic experience from children, experts and iconic leaders, such as Sir Richard Branson and financier Charles Schwab. Directed by James Redford, the film not only clears up the misconceptions about the condition, but also paints a picture of hope for all who struggle with it. Proving that dyslexia is a neurological issue and not a character flaw.

Year Published: 2012

CHiPs. The complete second season

Television series set in the sun-drenched sprawl of Los Angeles that tells the adventures of two California Highway Patrol motorcycle officers, Jon Baker and Frank "Ponch" Poncherello.

Year Published: 2014

America - imagine the world without her

What would the world look like if America never existed? Dinesh D'Souza, bestselling author and creator of 2016: Obama's America, explores this fascinating question in this stirring, thought-provoking documentary. Through re-enactments of landmark events in America's history and insightful interviews with leading historians, D'Souza brings us face-to-face with the brave heroes who built a great nation, and offers a powerful defense against critics intent upon "the shaming of America."

Year Published: 2013


Few people can build a fortune overnight, but everyone can build a fortune over time. Whether you are still in school or approaching retirement, the tips in this program from finance guru Steve Mazda will show viewers how to take charge of their financial future and build wealth throughout their lifetime. The program is designed to give viewers simple yet powerful financial information that will inspire them to take control of their money and show them how to retire in style!

Year Published: 2014

Phantom of the paradise

Year Published: 1979

Friendly fire

After their son is killed in Vietnam, Peg and Gene Mullen's on-going inquiries eventually establish he was killed by artillery fire from friendly forces. Based on a true story.

Year Published: 2003

Assassination tango [Motion picture - 2002]

An American hit man is seduced by the tango clubs of Buenos Aires in this sizzling tale.

Year Published: 2013

Paint, print, layer, collage - creating with personal imagery

Embark on a personal journey to layered collage with the one-of-a-kind mixed-media artist Margaret Applin. In simple and approachable steps, Margaret explains the process for creating personal imagery for printing and layering in collage, mostly using supplies viewers have on hand.

Year Published: 2014

When calls the heart- the dance

When a group of miners comes to Coal Valley to reopen the mine, the town's women get caught up in the prospect of new single men. One of the miners, Billy Hamilton, takes a special interest in Elizabeth and asks her to the commemorative dance. Elizabeth is smitten, igniting Jack's jealousy and triggering his suspicions that Billy is not who he seems to be.

Year Published: 2013

Egypt in crisis

It took 80 years to rise to power, but now, after only 12 months, the Muslim Brotherhood has been ousted by its longtime foe ? the Egyptian military. In a special FRONTLINE report, Middle East Correspondents Martin Smith and Charles Sennott examine the rise and rapid fall of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. With unique access to the Brotherhood's leadership, FRONTLINE follows the Islamist movement as it plots its next move.

Year Published: 2012


The three Villas Boas brothers, Orlando, Claudio, and Leonardo, are on a mission to protect the indigenous Amazon natives. Seeking adventure, they join the March to the West, an expedition to explore the Amazon rainforest. After befriending the native tribes, they become the leading advocates for the creation of the Xingu National Park.

Year Published: 2008

Snow 2 brain freeze

It's three days before Christmas, and Nick Snowden forgets about spending Christmas with his wife, Sandy, due to pressure at work. After a fight, Nick walks through a magical mirror and ends up with amnesia. Now it's up to Sandy to recharge his memory and save Christmas once and for all, but Nick's old nemesis Buck Seger returns and uses Santa's amnesia to his advantage.

Year Published: 2014


Year Published: 2014


Explore the potential long-term health effects from cell phone radiation which includes brain cancer and infertility. Examine the most recent scientific research and the harsh challenges politicians face trying to pass precautionary legislation.

Year Published: 2012

Free the mind

Profiles the pioneering work of renowned psychologist Richard Davidson, who, by studying the practices of Tibetan monks and others, found that it is possible to rewire the brain through meditation and mental training exercises. The film explores the intersection between modern neuroscience and ancient contemplative practices, as well as deeper questions about the nature of consciousness and how it manifests in the brain and body. Includes bonus features.

Year Published: 2014

An evergreen christmas

An aspiring musician returns to the small Tennessee town she left behind and life on a Christmas tree farm she tried to forget, only to find pieces of herself and her true musical voice along the way.

Year Published: 2013

Harvesting the high plains - turning wheat into gold

Colby, Kansas, 1933. Rising out of the dust came two men, Ray Garvey and John Kriss, who believed that the land in western Kansas and eastern Colorado was fertile and capable of producing wheat. By partnering with the land, they learned how to restore the broken plains, turning dust into fields of gold. This documentary celebrates the progressive search for the agricultural answers in the face of the dustbowl, changing the great American desert into the breadbasket of the world.

Year Published: 2013

The christmas ornament

Newly widowed Kathy plans to skip out on decking the halls and trimming the tree this Christmas, trying to avoid anything that will bring back memories of her late husband. The only Christmas tradition she will observe is baking cookies for her friends, a passion since she was a child. When Kathy meets handsome Christmas tree shop owner Tim, their undeniable chemistry, along with an ornament Tim gives her that symbolizes hope, helps Kathy open up to the joys of the season again.

Year Published: 2014

Accused. Series 1

One by one, defendants are led into court to face their fate. Willy and Frankie, Helen and Liam, family man Kenny and seventeen-year-old Stephen are ordinary people, or so it seems. Are they innocent or guilty? Will the jury make the right decision? From the writer of Cracker and The Street, winner of two international Emmys, the British anthology series pulls viewers in as the tension builds.

Year Published: 2013

Sara bareilles- brave enough - live at the variety playhouse

Captures Sara's entire performance and features set highlight and never-before-released Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, Sara's breathtaking version of Elton John's classic track. Filmed live at the Variety Playhouse in Atlanta, GA during her first-ever sold out tour.

Year Published: 2013

Nuclear nation

Examines the tragedy of the huge tsunami that crippled the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in 2011.

Year Published: 2014

Richard II [Feature film - 2013]

"Richard is King. A monarch ordained by God to lead his people. But he is also a man of very human weakness. A man whose vanity threatens to divide the great houses of England and drag his people into a dynastic civil war that will last 100 years"--Container.

Year Published: 2013

Around the block

It's about breaking cycles and building dreams. Set in a contemporary, tough, inner-city precinct, this is a story of revenge and triumph, as a teenage boy is torn between his unexpected love of theatre and the disintegration of his family. With encouragement from his unconventional American drama teacher, he confronts his past and eventually takes control of his future.

New eBook & Audiobook Downloads

The Haunting of Toby Jugg

A stirring psychological thriller adapted into the movie The Haunted Airman Toby Jugg, a fighter pilot shot down in combat, is now confined to his bed with little hope of walking again. He is also the heir to a considerable fortune - a fortune that is being administered by a board of trustees until he comes of age. But night after night, out there in the moonlight, Something was trying to get in at the bedroom window. A huge malevolent Something. Something not of this world. Inside, Toby though

Growing up Duggar it's all about relationships

Blade to the Keep

Canny and ferocious, with the power of an ancient Goddess in her belly, Rowan Summerwaite is the only person who can renegotiate the fragile Treaty between the Vampire Nation and the Hunter Corporation, the last line of defense for humanity. A meeting of this Joint Tribunal, as well as her new status as Liaison, sends Rowan straight to the last place on earth she wants to be, the childhood home she'd escaped so many years before—The First's Keep.Raised at the knee of The First—the oldest Vampire

Inquebrantable - mi historia, a mi manera

"Jenni se convirtio´ en la ma´s aclamada cantante en espan~ol en Estados Unidos y vendio´ ma´s de 15 millones de discos por todo el mundo. Era una madre soltera con cinco hijos y abuela de dos nietas, adema´s de ser tambie´n actriz, productora de televisio´n, estrella de su propio programa de telerrealidad y empresaria. En Inquebrantable, Jenni, con la honestidad que la caracterizaba, relata los momentos cruciales en su pasado y revela sus experiencias de violencia dome´stica y abuso sexual, div

The only astrology book you'll ever need

A favorite astrology book is now even easier to use with an interactive CD-ROM, which allows the reader to input the date, time, and place of birth into the computer, producing a personalized astrological chart in just a few minutes.

A Bollywood Affair

"Deeply-felt emotions that will keep readers turning the pages." --Susan Elizabeth Phillips, New York Times The Dowry Bride

Cult Horror Movies Discover the 33 Best Scary, Suspenseful, Gory, and Monstrous Cinema Classics

-- Cult Movies series, cult film specialist Danny Peary examines, dissects, defends, and exalts horror films from his unique and engaging perspective. His writing is a cornerstone of the cult film culture that continues to flourish today. New to this ebook series are Danny Peary's cult movie checklists for each genre. Every horror fan will walk away with newly discovered gems to watch, and a newfound appreciation of his or her favorites.

The Awakening Evil

Everyone thinks they know the story of the Evil that terrorized Corky Corcoran and the cheerleaders of Shadyside High. But the true story has remained hidden. Only Sarah Fear knows where the Evil began. What it wants. And why it kills. Read Sarah?s story and discover the truth at last.

The way back home

Ex-Marine Gabe Ryder has lost a lot in his life. His mother died when he was a toddler. His father succumbed to alcoholism. And a week before their last day of service, a horrific firefight takes the life of his best friend and brother-in-arms, Rob Hayden. Now Gabe must fulfill his friend's dying wish by helping Rob's twin sister, Alicia. Alicia has been reeling since her brother's death. She's lost a part of herself that she isn't sure she can get back. On top of that, her eight-year-old son i

The Goblin Emperor

The youngest, half-goblin son of the Emperor has lived his entire life in exile, distant from the Imperial Court and the deadly intrigue that suffuses it. But when his father and three sons in line for the throne are killed in an "accident," he has no choice but to take his place as the only surviving rightful heir.Entirely unschooled in the art of court politics, he has no friends, no advisors, and the sure knowledge that whoever assassinated his father and brothers could make an attempt on his

Midnight A Gangster Love Story

A fierce fighter with heart and a powerful mind, Midnight is willing to do anything to defend his family, the women he loves, and his business and property. In this riveting prequel to her urban classic, The Coldest Winter Ever, Sister Souljah reintroduces readers to Ricky Santiago?s strong, humble, and dangerously attractive lieutenant. The intricate storytelling in this passionate tale of love, loyalty, strength, and survival will sweep readers from the wealthy North African estate of Midnight

The Book of Strange New Things A Novel

-- The Crimson Petal and the White From the Hardcover edition.

City of heavenly fire

"Darkness has descended on the Shadowhunter world. Chaos and destruction overwhelm the Nephilim as Clary, Jace, Simon, and their friends band together to fight the greatest evil they have ever faced: Clary's own brother. Nothing in this world can defeat Sebastian--but if they journey to the realm of demons, they just might have a chance.."--

How to write your will the complete guide to structuring your will, inheritance tax planning, probate and administering an estate

How to Write Your Will is a step-by-step guide to preparing, writing or updating a will, covering essential information on valuing an estate, inheritance tax planning and gaining probate.

The potty mouth at the table

"Pinterest. Foodies. Anne Frank's underwear. New York Times bestselling author Laurie Notaro ... spares nothing and no one, least of all herself, in this ... new collection of essays on rudeness. With the sardonic, self-deprecating wit that makes us all feel a little better about ourselves for identifying with her, Laurie explores her recent misadventures and explains why it's not her who is nuts, it's them (and okay, sometimes it's her too)"--Page 4 of cover.

The short and tragic life of Robert Peace - a brilliant young man who left Newark for the Ivy League

Examines "the short life of a talented young African-American man who escapes the slums of Newark for Yale University only to succumb to the dangers of the streets--and of one's own nature--when he returns home"

The Last Death of Jack Harbin A Samuel Craddock Mystery

-- From the Trade Paperback edition.

Mr. miracle a christmas novel

Beloved #1 New York Times bestselling author Debbie Macomber celebrates the most wonderful time of the year in this heartwarming Christmas novel of romance, hope, and the comforts of home'coming soon as a Hallmark Channel original movie! Harry Mills is a guardian angel on a mission: help twenty-four-year-old Addie Folsom get her life back on track'and, if the right moment strikes, help her find love. Posing as a teacher at a local college in Tacoma, Washington, Harry is up to the task, but not e

A Drowned Maiden's Hair

Maud Flynn is known at the orphanage for her impertinence. So when the charming Miss Hyacinth chooses her to take home, the girl is pleased but baffled, until she learns of her new role: helping to stage elaborate séances for bereaved patrons. As Maud is drawn deeper into the deception, playing the "secret child," she is torn between her need to please and her growing conscience. It takes a shocking betrayal to make clear just how heartless her so-called guardians are. Filled with fascinating de

Fearless hope - a novel

When Hope, a young Amish widow, takes on the role of housekeeper for the New York crime writer who purchased her family's farm, the two discover they share a strange past and a burgeoning love.

Picture Palace A Novel

"Never a dull moment . . . Vivid and deft." — -- Telegraph (UK)

Scream Street- Heart of the Mummy (Book #3)

Scream Street has been shrouded in night for as long as anyone can remember. But things really look black when millions of spiders escape and cover everything with their suffocating webs. Luke Watson (boy-turned-werewolf), vampire Resus, and mummy Cleo are trying to combat the creepy-crawlies as they search for the third relic Luke needs to take his parents home - the heart of an ancient mummy. But Sir Otto is determined to fight them every step of the way!

Rush Revere and the American Revolution Time-Travel Adventures With Exceptional Americans

THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION HAS BEGUN—AND RUSH REVERE, LIBERTY THE HORSE, AND THE TIME-TRAVELING CREW ARE READY TO RIDE INTO THE ACTION! Join us on this incredible time-travel adventure! Liberty, my wisecracking horse, our old friends Cam, Tommy, Freedom, and I are off to meet some super-brave soldiers in the year 1775. Yep, that's right. We'll be visiting with the underdog heroes who fought for American independence, against all odds—and won! But not before eight very real years of danger and un

How we got to now six innovations that made the modern world

From the New York Times'bestselling author of Where Good Ideas Come From and Everything Bad Is Good for You, a new look at the power and legacy of great ideas. In this illustrated volume, Steven Johnson explores the history of innovation over centuries, tracing facets of modern life (refrigeration, clocks, and eyeglass lenses, to name a few) from their creation by hobbyists, amateurs, and entrepreneurs to their unintended historical consequences. Filled with surprising stories of accidental geni

Forbidden love

When Justin Brant returns to his Irish estate after three years, he discovers that his ward Megan has become a beautiful young woman who is as interested in him as he is in her.

New Fiction Books

Wish upon a snowflake

"A SHOCKING PROPOSITION by Elizabeth Rolls: Madeleine Kirkby must be married before Twelfth Night--or forfeit her family estate. After a chance encounter with the man she lost her heart to years ago, she has the perfect prospective husband in mind."-- From back cover.

Three heroes / the Demon's Mistress / the Dragon's Bride / the Devil's Heiress

Once a runner - a novel

Distance runner Quenton Cassidy is suspended from the track team for his involvement in an athlete protest and risks his future prospects to train on a monastic retreat with an Olympic medalist.

Wyoming strong

When fate intervenes and brings them together on neighboring Wyoming ranches, archenemies Wolf Patterson and Sara Brandon cast their differences aside when they see each other in a whole new light as love takes root between them.

Kingdom of shadows - a novel

I called him Necktie

"Twenty-year-old Taguchi Hiro has spent the last two years of his life living as a hikikomori--a shut-in who never leaves his room and has no human interaction--in his parents' home in Tokyo. As Hiro tentatively decides to reenter the world, he spends his days observing life around him from a park bench. Gradually he makes friends with Ohara Tetsu, a middle-aged salaryman who has lost his job but can't bring himself to tell his wife, and shows up every day in a suit and tie to pass the time on a

The shocking secret of a guest at the wedding

The bride and groom cordially request your presence for a wedding at Millworth Manor. . . Guests will include Jackson Quincy Graham Channing, New York City banker, and Lady Theodosia "Teddy" Winslow, wedding planner to the finest families in England. Introductions shall be followed by light conversation, dancing, flirtation, arguing, reconciliation, and an impulsive kiss that both parties are quite certain they will never repeat. Until they do. A mutually beneficial fake engagement will be accom


"In Monastery, the nomadic narrator of Eduardo Halfon's critically-acclaimed The Polish Boxer returns to travel from Guatemalan cities, villages, coffee plantations, and border towns to a private jazz concert in New York's Harlem, a former German U-Boat base on the French Breton coast, and Israel, where he escapes from his sister's Orthodox Jewish wedding into an erotic adventure with the enigmatic Tamara. His passing encounters are unforgettable; his relationships, problematic. At once a world

Becoming Bea

"Ben and Bea have always irritated each other. But when their friends push them together, can they cease bickering long enough to fall in love?"--

The accidental countess

After returning home from battle to an unwanted arranged marriage, Captain Julian Swift finds himself falling for Lady Cassandra Monroe, his fiance´e's cousin, who, unbeknownst to him, has been in love with him for years.

Tempted all night

Love unscripted

The sweet by and by

Five very different Southern women meet in a nursing home and develop a friendship that resonates over the decades.

Rush Revere and the American Revolution - time-travel adventures with exceptional Americans

When substitute middle-school history teacher Rush Revere takes his students back in time to eighteenth-century Massachusetts, they witness the Battle of Lexington and learn about the Declaration of Independence.

50 Harbor Street

Corrie McAfee and her husband, a private investigator, solve a mystery from their past, while their daughter Linette moves back home and opens a new medical clinic and finds unexpected romance.

New Nonfiction Books

Isabella - the warrior queen

Drawing on new scholarship, the Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Woman Behind the New Deal presents a biography of Isabella of Castile, the controversial Queen of Spain who sponsored Christopher Columbus' journey to the New World, established the Spanish Inquisition and became one of the most influential female rulers in history.

Rozelle - a biography

"A biography of Pete Rozelle, the man who brought the NFL to the forefront of professional sports"--

Eugene O'Neill - a life in four acts

"A major new biography of the Nobel Prize-winning playwright whose brilliantly original plays revolutionized American theater"--

Workbenches - from design and theory to construction and use

150 best Indian, Asian, Caribbean and more diabetes recipes

The big book of Minecraft.

"The Big Book of Minecraft" is packed with the most recent training, tools, and techniques to help readers get more out of their favorite sandbox game. 2014 was a pivotal year for "Minecraft," and this book captures all the latest and greatest things that have happened to one of the most brilliant and immersive games in video game history. From a brief overview of the game to advanced farming, mining, and building techniques, this guide touches on everything "Minecraft" enthusiasts could ever as

Top dog - the story of marine hero Lucca

"The New York Times bestselling author of Soldier Dogs returns with the incredible story of K-9 Marine hero Lucca, and the handlers who fought alongside her through two bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. In Top Dog, Maria Goodavage takes readers into the life of Lucca K458, a decorated and highly skilled military working dog. An extraordinary bond develops between Lucca and Marine Corps dog handlers Chris Willingham and Juan Rodriguez, in what would become a legendary 400-mission career. A Spe

Warrior Diplomat - A Green Beret's Battles from Washington to Afghanistan

The Bus on Jaffa Road - A Story of Middle East Terrorism and the Search for Justice

Bohemians, bootleggers, flappers, and swells - the best of early Vanity fair

For the magazine's centenary celebration, an anthology of pieces from the early golden age of Vanity Fair. Editor Graydon Carter introduces these fabulous pieces written between 1913 and 1936, when the magazine published a murderers' row of the world's leading literary lights. It features great writers on great topics, including F. Scott Fitzgerald on what a magazine should be, Clarence Darrow on equality, D. H. Lawrence on women, e.e. cummings on Calvin Coolidge, John Maynard Keynes on the coll

The myth of race - the troubling persistence of an unscientific idea

Biological races do not exist -- and never have. This view is shared by all scientists who study variation in human populations. Yet racial prejudice and intolerance based on the myth of race remain deeply ingrained in Western society. In his powerful examination of a persistent, false, and poisonous idea, Robert Sussman explores how race emerged as a social construct from early biblical justifications to the pseudoscientific studies of today. The Myth of Race traces the origins of modern racist

Nation to nation - treaties between the United States & American Indians Nations

"Approximately 368 treaties were negotiated and signed by U.S. commissioners and tribal leaders (and subsequently approved by the U.S. Senate) from 1777 to 1868. These treaties enshrine promises the U.S. government made to Indian people and recognize tribes as nations--a fact that distinguishes tribal citizens from other Americans, and supports contemporary Native assertions of tribal sovereignty and self-determination. Treaties are legally binding and still in effect. Beginning in the 1960s, Na

Conquering concussion - healing TBI symptoms with neurofeedback and without drugs

The furniture bible / Everything You Need to Know to Identify, Restore & Care for Furniture

The wild food cookbook

Shares recipes for using spring leaves and shoots, summer flowers and herbs, seaweeds, desert plants, mushrooms, fruits, berries, nuts, seeds, and roots.

150 best breakfast sandwich maker recipes

AAA Road Atlas 2015 - Canada, United States, Mexico

Buenos Aires - a cultural guide

World of quilts - 25 modern projects - reinterpreting quilting heritage from around the globe

Big design, small budget - create a glamorous home in nine thrifty steps

Offers information on affordable home interior design, including creating a design budget, mapping out floor plans, selecting a color palette, and accessorizing.

How to crochet - learn the basic stitches and techniques

How to make a quilt - learn basic sewing techniques for creating patchwork quilts and projects

Earth's deep history - how it was discovered and why it matters

Grand Canyon

Speed limits - where time went and why we have so little left

We live in an ever-accelerating world: faster computers, markets, food, fashion, product cycles, minds, bodies, kids, lives. When did everything start moving so fast? Why does speed seem so inevitable? Is faster always better? Drawing together developments in religion, philosophy, art, technology, fashion, and finance, Mark C. Taylor presents an original and rich account of a great paradox of our times: how the very forces and technologies that were supposed to free us by saving time and labor n

New Young Adult Books & Graphic Novels

My love story!! Shojo Beat Edition 1

Takeo finds his dormant love life take a turn when he saves a girl named Yamato from a harasser on the train and begins falling in love with her, but with his best friend Sunakawa around, Takeo may not stand a chance.

Snow White and the Seven Dwarves

Deadpool. 5, The wedding of Deadpool

"The day you never dreamed would come has finally arrived: Deadpool is getting married! But to whom?! Tune in to find out as Deadpool and his mysterious bride tie the knot!... But when Deadpool and his bride honeymoon in Japan, will married life agree with our mouthy merc?"--Back cover.

Umbral. Book 1. Out of the shadows

In Umbral, the young thief Rascal breaks into the royal palace using a rare eclipse as cover for the theft of a priceless gem. During the heist, Rascal witnesses the death of the King and Queen, the first step in the invasion of the world by the Umbral, mythical shadow creatures... and no one knows it's happening. Umbral is the latest collaboration between the creative team of Antony Johnston and Mitten, who co-created the post-apocalyptic and impressively expansive series Wasteland.

My love story!! 1

Giant Takeo Goda's love life takes a surprising turn when he saves a girl named Yamato, but will she be drawn instead to Takeo's handsome best friend, Sunakawa?

Knights of Sidonia. Vol. 11

"Already cohabitating with a formerly neuter friend, a human-monster hybrid, and the ship's assistant commander, unlikely playboy Tanikaze appears fated to pick up yet another very special companion"--p. [4] of cover.

Food wars! Shokugeki no soma. Volume 2

Star Wars. Volume 4, A shattered hope

"Darth Vader is on a mission to renew fear and discipline in Imperial ranks. Meanwhile, Han Solo, Chewbacca, Princess Leia, and Luke Skywalker try to locate a Rebel spy in distress"--Provided by publisher.

Here was a man

Winter soldier - the complete collection

Pokémon adventures. Fire red & leaf green. Volume 25

Presents the adventures of Red as he tries to make friends with Poke´mon as well as training them, while Team Rocket tries to steal his Poke´mon at every turn.

Fairest. Vol. 4, Of Men and Mice

"Cinderella returns in an all-new epic! After an assassination attempt on Snow White, Cind is called back into service to unravel an age-old conspiracy that dates back to that fateful midnight ball! Can Cind uncover the plot and prevent a massacre in Fabletown? By critically acclaimed writer Marc Andreyko (MANHUNTER, Torso, The Lost) and legendary artist Shawn McManus (CINDERELLA, SWAMP THING), FAIREST VOL. 4: CINDERELLA - OF MEN AND MICE ties directly into FABLES! New York Times bestselling, aw

Alice in the country of Clover. Knight's knowledge, 1

After finally settling in the Country of Hearts, Alice's world is turned upside-down yet again when the landmasses shift into the Country of Clover! Alice isn't the only one mourning the loss because Ace was dragged to Clover alongside her, leaving him without Julius, the one confidante who seemed able to hold him together. Now, Ace's newfound mental instability has made him extremely dangerous and although Alice is drawn to him, her desire to help may be her downfall.

No matter how I look at it, it's you guys' fault I'm not popular. 5

"After an unforgiving and grueling introduction to high school, Tomoko's now finally a second-year. One with a tough, sports-crazed homeroom teacher, a somewhat friendly classmate, and a kid brother now stalking the halls of the same school with an even colder attitude toward his big sister... With all these things shaking up her high school life, will Tomoko be able to stick it out through her second year...?!" --

One piece. Vol. 72, Dressrosa's forgotten

Arriving in the kingdom of Dressrosa and facing a trap set by Doflamingo, Luffy and his crew need the help of Trafalgar Law in order to escape the situation.

My Love Story!! 2


A man gets shot in London, a law firm gets broken into in Washington, an accountant gives away the password to his computer, and something put to sleep 20 years ago awakens. What is the unsavory relationship all these things share, and how could it bring down two of the largest governments in the history of the world?

Uncanny X-Men omnibus. Volume 2

When body language goes bad

A humorous look at the world of American business.

Monster Musume 5

The nightly news

Wolverine - origin. II

Logan is forced out of the wilderness and back into the world after tragedy strikes, exposing him to those who wish to exploit him and pitting him against Victor Creed, who will become either Logan's greatest ally or worst enemy.

Attack on Titan- No Regrets 2

Tale of the waning moon. 3

Ryuga has been enchanted by the Spirit of the Last Quarter Moon, Ixto, so he follows him, hoping to meet the conditions that will open the door to his love, but men of all kinds and all moralities are attracted to Ryuga and he struggles to find a way for love to prevail.

My love story!! 2

"New at love, Takeo and Yamato excitedly begin their romantic relationship...but between friends who badmouth Takeo and a judo tournament that will separate the two for a month, are they going to survive as a couple beyond the honeymoon stage?" --

New Large Print Books & Foreign Language Materials

Paleo dog - give your best friend a long life, healthy weight, and freedom from illness by nurturing his inner wolf

Murder 101 - a Decker/Lazarus novel

As a detective lieutenant with the LAPD, Peter Decker witnessed enough ugliness and chaos for a lifetime. Now, he and his devoted wife Rena Lazarus are ready to enjoy the quiet beauty of upstate New York, where they can be closer to their four adult children and their foster son. But working for the Greenbury Police department isn't as fulfilling as Decker hoped. While Rina has adapted beautifully to their new surroundings, Decker is underwhelmed and frustrated by his new partner, Tyler McAdams,

The hexed

"Devin Lyle moves into an eighteenth century cabin in the woods of Salem, haunted by dead bodies and ghostly apparitions"--

The house on Mermaid Point

The language of silence

Forbidden Ground

Murder in Murray Hill - a Gaslight mystery

"When facing injustice, the residents of nineteenth-century New York City's tenements turn to midwife Sarah Brandt and Detective Sergeant Frank Malloy to protect their rights. Now the two must track down a cruel criminal preying on the hopes and dreams of innocent women"--

Here comes the ride - the Andi McConnell mysteries

The occasion is the"wedding of the century" at a local estate, and Andi has a five-day, live-in gig transporting the wedding party and Hollywood guests. There's the groom with cell phone welded to his ear; the bride who suspects she'll be murdered at the ceremony; and the over-the-hill, movie star stepmother with an ambitious agenda of her own. There's blackmail, betrayal, and enough hostility and competition to melt that life-sized ice sculpture of the bride and groom. And now there's murder...

The dogs were rescued (and so was I)

The truth about the Harry Quebert affair

Winter Street

A family Christmas gathering at Kelley Quinn's Nantucket inn is thrown into turmoil by his four adult children's personal dramas and the discovery of his second wife's infidelity.

Dick Francis's Damage

"Felix Francis is back with another edge-of-your-seat thriller, in the classic Dick Francis tradition. Undercover investigator Jeff Hinkley is assigned by the British Horseracing Authority to look into the activities of a suspicious racehorse trainer, but as he's tailing his quarry through the Cheltenham Racing Festival, the last thing he expects to witness is a gruesome murder. Could it have something to do with the reason the trainer was banned in the first place-the administration of illegal

Grand Central - original stories of postwar love and reunion

Enduring courage - ace pilot Eddie Rickenbacker and the dawn of the age of speed

Delancey - a man, a woman, a restaurant, a marriage

When Molly Wizenberg married Brandon Pettit, he was a trained composer with a handful of offbeat interests: espresso machines, wooden boats, violin-building, and ice cream-making. So when Brandon decided to open a pizza restaurant, Molly was supportive--not because she wanted him to do it, but because the idea was so far-fetched that she didn't think he would. Before she knew it, he'd signed a lease on a space. The restaurant, Delancey, was going to be a reality, and all of Molly's assumptions a

Stranger things

Serena Diaz's life is imploding. A troubled student has accused the young biology teacher of sexual misconduct, cutting off her promising career just as it was starting to blossom. But that's just the beginning of Serena's problems. When a therapeutic walk in the woods leads her to a ruined house overtaken by criminals, Serena is assaulted and finds herself witness to the senseless murder of the one man who tries to help her. Hurled into a world of false accusations and hounded by the press, Ser

Bloom and Doom

"Florist Audrey Bloom comes to the aid of her childhood friend when Jenny's fiance´ is murdered and Jenny is considered the prime suspect"--

Secrets of Sloane House

The fixer - the notorious life of a front-page bail bondsman

A bail bondsman shares insight into the workings of the justice system while recounting his experiences with celebrity clients, describing how he has organized deals through relationships with judges, lawyers, officers, and district attorneys.

The Burning Room

Windigo Island

When the body of a year-missing Ojibwa girl washes up on a Lake Superior island, rekindling Native American superstitions about mythical monsters, Cork O'Connor struggles to obtain information from reluctant witnesses to a brutal sex-trafficking operation.

Gray Mountain

"The Great Recession of 2008 left many young professionals out of work. Promising careers were suddenly ended as banks, hedge funds, and law firms engaged in mass lay-offs and brutal belt tightening. Samantha Kofer was a third year associate at Scully & Pershing, New York City's largest law firm. Two weeks after Lehman Brothers collapsed, she lost her job, her security, and her future. A week later she was working as an unpaid intern in a legal aid clinic deep in small town Appalachia. There, fo

The skeleton crew - how amateur sleuths are solving America's coldest cases

The Skeleton Crew provides an entree into the gritty and tumultuous world of Sherlock Holmes-wannabes who race to beat out law enforcement -- and one another -- at matching missing persons with unidentified remains. In America today, upwards of forty thousand people are dead and unaccounted for. These murder, suicide, and accident victims, separated from their names, are being adopted by the bizarre online world of amateur sleuths. It's DIY CSI by ordinary citizens equipped only with laptops and

Gulliver's Travels

Meet me at the Cupcake Café - a novel with recipes

New Children's Materials

Pete the cat and the bad banana

Pete the Cat bites into a bad banana and vows never to eat bananas again, even though he generally likes the fruit.

Thanksgiving mice!

A group of mice have some problems when they put on a play to commemorate the first Thanksgiving, but everything works out all right in the end.

The best fall of all

Happy the dog and Honey the cat enjoy playing outside on a fall day.

Holiday Helper

Pokémon - let it snow!

Ash and Pikachu get into some trouble when they are caught in a blizzard.

Porky and Bess

Despite their differences, Porky the messy pig and Bess the fussy cat are best friends and support each other in all their endeavors, from poetry writing to cake baking.

Waiting is not easy!

Piggie tells Gerald she has a surprise for him, but it is not there yet, so Gerald must be patient.

Splat and Seymour, best friends forevermore

While planning a surprise party to show his best friend Seymour how much he values their friendship, Splat keeps so many secrets Seymour doesn't want to be friends anymore.

Let's mix!

The LEGO mixels split, mix, and combine with each other to create wacky combinations.

The Christmas party

Describes how Anna, Elsa, and the rest of the Arendelle celebrate Christmas.

Meet Periwinkle

Snow day! - Frosty the snowman

With the aid of a magician's top hat, the children's snowman comes to life, but must make it to the North Pole with the help of a girl named Karen before he melts.

Angry Birds Transformers - Deceptihogs Versus Autobirds

Dragons - Riders of Berk. How to start a dragon academy

Hiccup must find a way to show the Vikings of Berk how helpful the dragons can be.

Ponies love pets!

The ponies from the "My Little Pony" series share a special friendship with their pets.

Pinkalicious - tutu-rrific

When a mix-up causes her to be placed in the big kids' ballet class rather than her best friend Alison's, Pinkalicious tries to hold her own.

Sofia the first. The missing necklace

After the amulet that allows her to understand her animal friends go missing, Sofia sets out to find it before Cedric can use it to take over the kingdom.

Big Hero 6. Fight to the finish!

When he finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy San Fransokyo, robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters on a mission to save the city.

Twice As Silly - Twice As Silly

Mr. Putter & Tabby turn the page

Mr. Putter and Mrs. Teaberry bring Tabby and Zeke to the library for a special storytime.

Big Hero 6. The big battle

When he finds himself in the grips of a criminal plot that threatens to destroy San Fransokyo, robotics prodigy Hiro Hamada joins forces with a reluctant team of first-time crime fighters on a mission to save the city.

Christmas mice!

A group of mice have fun as they go about their preparations for Christmas.

Ten thank-you letters

While Pig is trying to finish a thank-you note to his grandmother, his best friend Rabbit repeatedly interrupts to borrow supplies for a series of his own notes, thanking all of the special people in their lives.

Annie - a true family

"Annie is a foster child whose life is about to turn upside down! A New York City billionaire named Will Stacks has agreed to take in Annie and her dog, Sandy, during his campaign for mayor. Will staying with Mr. Stacks help Annie finally find her true family?" -- On back cover.

Dixie and the best day ever

Emma needs to write a poem for a school assignment, but she would rather go outside with Dixie and enjoy a snowy day.