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New Movies & Music

Year Published: 2014

Life itself

The legacy of Roger Ebert's life, recounts the inspiring and entertaining life of the world-renowned film critic and social commentator, from his Pulitzer Prize-winning film criticism at the Chicago Sun-Times to becoming one of the most influential cultural voices in America.

Year Published: 2014

Touched by Grace

Cara longs to be a part of the in-crowd at her new school. In an effort to impress town hottie Brandon, she befriends Grace, a girl with Down Syndrome, a friendship she tries to hide when she meets popular girls Skylar and Quinn. When Skylar loses her bid to be on the Homecoming Court, she sets it up for Grace to win Homecoming Queen, as the Senior Prank.

Year Published: 2009

Delocated! - seasons 1 & 2

Delocated is the story of a family in the witness protection program who gets their own reality show. Moved to New York City from the small town the government placed them in, they wear ski masks at all times to protect their identities, trying to live anonymous lives on camera while attempting to avoid being murdered by the Russian Mob. Some adult swim content may not be recommended for viewers younger than age 17.

Year Published: 2014

The canal

When happily married David finds out his home was the scene of a ghastly turn of the century murder, he begins to descend into insanity, threatening the lives of everyone around him.

Year Published: 2008

Qué tan lejos

Dos jo´venes aventureras, emprenden un viaje por la montan~as y costas de Ecuador. Parado´jicamente cuando el autobu´s que las lleva se accidenta y deciden seguir por su cuenta, es cuando comienza el verdadero vaije para ellas. Cada personaje que conocen a lo largo del camino les hara´ descubrir una faceta diferente de si mismas y el verdadero significado del amor y la amistad.

Year Published: 2005

Skating fundamentals. Forward stride

Year Published: 1980

Magnum pi- complete 1st season

Get ready to enjoy each adventurous episode from season one of one of the greatest television series of all time. Hang out in Hawaii for an action-packed thrill-ride with Higgins, T.C., Rick, and of course, the charismatic Magnum P.I. Full of humor, drama, and suspense.

Year Published: 2013


Three male detectives become embroiled in a tense struggle after a tragic accident that leaves a child in a coma. One is guilty of a crime; one will try to cover it up, and the other attempts to expose it. How far will these men go to both disguise and unravel the truth?

Year Published: 2014

Spanish lake

A controversial documentary on 'white flight' in the area of Spanish Lake, Missouri, a post-World War II suburb five miles from Ferguson, Missouri. Due to racism, housing developments, and governmental policies, Spanish Lake experienced a white exodus in the 1990s, resulting in rapid economic decline and population turnover.

Year Published: 2014

I origins

Dr. Ian Gray is a molecular biologist studying the evolution of the eye. He finds his work permeating his life after a brief encounter with an exotic young woman who slips away from him. As his research continues years later with his lab partner Karen, they make a stunning scientific discovery that has far reaching implications and complicates both his scientific and spiritual beliefs. Traveling half way around the world, he risks everything he has ever known to validate his theory.

Year Published: 2015


John Form has found the perfect gift for his expectant wife, Mia. He gives her a beautiful, rare vintage doll in a pure white wedding dress. But Mia's delight with Annabelle doesn't last long. On one horrific night, their home is invaded by members of a satanic cult, who violently attack the couple. Spilled blood and terror are not all they leave behind.

Year Published: 2012

Color of time

Based on Pulitzer Prize-winning poet CK Williams's TAR collection, a poetic expression of his life, written and directed by twelve filmmakers from New York University. The film takes a journey through several decades of American life, from CK's childhood and adolescence in Detroit in the 1940s and '50s to the early 1980s. CK and his wife Catherine are married with a son. CK spends his nights struggling to write new poems and haunted by memories of his past.

Year Published: 2011

Blood out

When big-city detectives refuse to further investigate his kid brother's gang-related murder, small-town Sheriff Michael Spencer drops the badge and goes undercover to find his brother's killer and avenge his death.

Year Published: 2014


For five friends, it was a chance for a summer getaway, a weekend of camping in the Texas Big Thicket. But visions of a carefree vacation are shattered with an accident on a dark and desolate country road. In the wake of the accident, a bloodcurdling force of nature is unleashed, something not exactly human, but not completely animal, an urban legend come to terrifying life; and seeking murderous revenge.

Year Published: 2014

Miss meadows

Miss Meadows is a schoolteacher with impeccable manners and grace. However, underneath the candy-sweet exterior hides a ruthless gun-toting vigilante who takes it upon herself to right the wrongs in the world by whatever means necessary. For Miss Meadows, bad behavior is simply unforgiveable.

Year Published: 2015

The judge [Motion picture 2014]

Big-city lawyer Hank Palmer returns to his childhood home where his estranged father, the town's judge, is suspected of murder. He sets out to discover the truth and along the way reconnects with the family he walked away from years before.

Year Published: 1981

Magnum pi- complete 2nd season

Buckle up for more action-packed adventure with all 22 season two episodes of the Primetime Emmy Award-winning, smash-hit series, Magnum P.I. Tom Selleck is television's most charismatic detective, and he's back in his slick Ferrari cruising the streets of tropical Hawaii. Beautiful girls, hot cars, and of course Higgins, T.C., and Rick are all here in a sizzling set that's loaded with unforgettable guest stars, including Mimi Rogers, Dick Butkus, Pat Morita, and Jill St. John.

Year Published: 2014

Cimarron Strip - the complete TV series

In 1888 Marshall Jim Crown patrols the Cimarron Strip--the vast rugged space between Kansas and Indian Territory, maintaining justice, and enforcing peace among the cattlemen, settlers, outlaws, Indians and the U.S. Army. All 23 episodes of the television western.

Year Published: 2006

Remington Steele. Season three

A reformed thief assumes the role of private investigator Laura Holt's fictitious boss, Remington Steele. Together the two fight crime--and their feelings for each other.

Year Published: 2014

Sex ed- the movie

Revealing, occasionally awkward, and often hilarious look at how Americans have learned about sex from the early 1900s to the present. Using clips from an astounding array of sex ed films, this captures what it was like for the kids - confusion, shock, embarrassment - and as well for those doing the educating.

Year Published: 2014

Uprising live!

The Uprising Tour ran in Europe from May to July 1980 with five further dates in the US in September. This concert was filmed for the German TV series Rockpalast on June 13th in Dortmund's Westfalenhalle.

Year Published: 2014

The book of life [Motion picture - 2014, animated]

The journey of Manolo, a young man who is torn between fulfilling the expectations of his family and following his heart. Before choosing which path to follow, he embarks on an incredible adventure that spans three fantastical worlds where he must face his greatest fears.

Year Published: 2014

Bang bang!

After 150 years, an Indian robs the Kohinoor diamond. And thus begins the cat-and-mouse game as the international mob and the Indian Secret Service (ISS) officials hunt him down.

Year Published: 2013

Desert runners

Year Published: 2011

House of the rising sun

Ray, an ex-cop, is starting a new life and looking to stay out of trouble. One evening, on Ray's watch, the nightclub he works for is robbed and the owner's son is shot dead. As his criminal past is exposed, Ray hunts for the person responsible for this crime in an effort to clear his own name. Ray must get to the bottom of this as both the mob and the cops start to close in on him as their target suspect.

New eBook & Audiobook Downloads

All the Bright Places

--  — New York Times Book Review  — Entertainment Weekly  From the Hardcover edition.

The loner

Dante's Divine comedy

In this Seymour Chwast's version of Dante Alighieri's epic poem, Dante and his guide Virgil don fedoras and wander through noirish realms of Hell, Purgatory and Paradise. Along the way they catalog a multitude of sinners and saints--many of them real people to whom Dante tellingly assigned either horrible punishment or indescribable pleasure--and meet both God and Lucifer face-to-face. Chwast creates a visual fantasia that fascinates on every page. His inventive illustrations capture the delirio

Loving Libby

The Christmas cat

"Returning home at Christmas, a young man receives an inheritance he never expected--six cats in need of homes" --

Cane and Abe

In this spellbinding new novel of suspense from New York TimesSamantha died too soon. Abe Beckham's new wife has helped him through the loss, but some say it was a step back for Abe to marry Angelina, a love from his past. Abe doesn't want to hear it, and he's even managed to remain a star prosecutor at the Miami State Attorney's Office through his ups and downs.Then everything goes wrong. A woman's body is discovered dumped in the Everglades, and Abe is called upon to monitor the investigation.

Black dawn

With its eclectic mix of vampire and human citizens, Morganville, Texas, has always been a risky place to call home. But with the invasion of the vampire's deadliest enemy, Morganville isn't just in danger--it's dying. Ever since the draug--mysterious creatures that prey on vampires--took over Morganville, the lives of student Claire Danvers and her friends have been thrown into turmoil. Most of the town's residents have evacuated, but Claire, Shane, Eve and Michael have chosen to stay and fight

Space Case

It's a murder mystery on the moon in this humorous and suspenseful space adventure from the author of Belly Up Like his fellow lunarnauts—otherwise known as Moonies—living on Moon Base Alpha, twelve-year-old Dashiell Gibson is famous the world over for being one of the first humans to live on the moon. And he's bored out of his mind. Kids aren't allowed on the lunar surface, meaning they're trapped inside the tiny moon base with next to nothing to occupy their time—and the only other kid Dash'

You are destined to be together forever

The singular journey of Odd Thomas is approaching its unforgettable conclusion in Saint Odd. But before Odd's destiny is revealed, this exclusive eBook short story looks back--way back--to where it all began for Odd Thomas and Stormy Llewellyn, two souls who are destined to be together forever. Amid the dizzying rides, tantalizing games of chance, and fanciful attractions of a state fair, two teenage sweethearts on the cusp of life and love's pleasures find their way to a shadowy carnival tent b

Fairest The Lunar Chronicles- Levana's Story

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. Who is the Fairest of them all? Pure evil has a name, hides behind a mask of deceit, and uses her "glamour" to gain power. But who is

The world made straight - a novel

Last breath

When college student Claire Danvers learns that three of the vampires in Morganville have disappeared without a trace, only to discover that the last person seen with one of the missing vampires is a mysterious new resident named Magnus, she begins to suspect that Magnus is not a fellow-human.

Seekers- Return to the Wild #5- The Burning Horizon

Erin Hunter's New York Times bestselling Seekers series continues in the fifth book in the Return to the Wild story arc. With its thrilling blend of action and suspense, this epic animal fantasy is perfect for fans of the #1 nationally bestselling Warriors series.Toklo, Kallik, Lusa, and Yakone are determined to reach Great Bear Lake in time for the Longest Day Gathering. Even Toklo, who has already claimed a new territory in the mountains, has promised to stay with them until Lusa has found a h

All quiet on the western front - a novel

The testament of Paul Baumer, who enlists with his classmates into the German army in World War I, illuminates the savagery and futility of war.

When the heart heals a novel

A former Civil War nurse starts to fall in love with the town doctor until another woman arrives in town claiming to be his fiance´e.

The hot zone

A highly infectious, deadly virus from the central African rain forest suddenly appears in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. There is no cure. In a few days 90 percent of its victims are dead. A secret military SWAT team of soldiers and scientists is mobilized to stop the outbreak of this virus. The book tells this dramatic story, giving an account of the appearance of rare and lethal viruses and their "crashes" into the human race.

Angel Train a Novel.

An unlikely romance kindles along the dangerous Oregon Trail between a devout young woman and soon-to-be ex-convict.

Personal a Jack Reacher novel

-- Praise for -- "Welcome to the relentless world of Jack Reacher and his impressive tendency to be in the wrong place at the right time. . . . Child has created an iconic character that other thriller writers try to emulate but don't come close to matching. -- "The New York Times "If you're a thriller fan and you're not reading the Reacher series, you're not a thriller fan. -- -- "--Kirkus Reviews From the Hardcover edition.

The end of dieting - how to live for life

"In The End of Dieting, Joel Fuhrman M.D., a board-certified family physician who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional and natural methods, and #1 New York Times bestselling author of Eat to Live, Super Immunity and The End of Diabetes, delivers a powerful paradigm-shifting book that shows us how and why we never need to diet again.Fuhrman writes, 'By reading this book, you will understand the key principles of the science of health, nutrition and weight loss. It w

Santa Fe woman a novel

Set in the 1800s, an economic depression forces a young woman and her family to travel west on a journey filled with danger, romance, and faith.

A dream to call my own

Lacy Gallatin, the youngest of the Gallatin sisters, is a woman with a mission: to find her father's killer. Enter Dave Shepard, deputy sheriff for the area. Dave has been fervently trying to find the man who killed George Gallatin, but he always feels inadequate when it comes to the beautiful Lacy. When they are together, the tension crackles between them--both when they argue and when they kiss. Lacy finds him frustratingly irresistible ... but is it truly love?

A man for temperance a novel

Set in the 1850s, a young woman finds faith and love while taking children orphaned by a cholera epidemic on a long journey back to their extended family.

The cowboy

Bitter blood

For years, the human and vampire residents of Morganville, Texas, have managed to co-exist in peace. But now that the threat to the vampires has been defeated, the human residents are learning that the gravest danger they face is the enemy within? Thanks to the eradication of the parasitic creatures known as the draug, the vampires of Morganville have been freed of their usual constraints. With the vampires indulging their every whim, the town?s human population is determined to hold on to their

I Was Here

-- I Was Here —Stephen Chbosky

New Fiction Books

The distraction

"The seductive story that started in The Masseuse continues... Anna Rossi knows that opening your heart only gets you hurt. But Alec Flynn is just too good to resist... It's been three long months since Anna's seen Alec, since he saved her life and lit up her soul with unquenchable desire. Being without him has left her on edge, but his bravery has motivated her to change her life and go after what she's always wanted--a job where she can help people. She can't wait to show Alec the woman she's

The orphan sky

"Set at the crossroads of Turkish, Persian, and Russian cultures under the red flag of Communism in the late 1970s, [this story] reveals one woman's struggle to reconcile her ideals with the corrupt world around her, and to decide whether to betray her country or her heart"

The evening chorus

The story of James, a pilot struggling to survive in a German POW camp, his young war-bride, Rose, back in England trying to make sense of her life, and his sister, whose own story is also rewritten by the tragedies of WWII.

Rising Fire - A Novel of the Stone Circles

Sisters of heart and snow

"Margaret Dilloway, critically-acclaimed and award-winning author of How To Be An American Housewife, returns with a poignant story of estranged sisters reunited when a mysterious request from their ailing mother reveals a long-buried family secret"--

Balance of forces - toujours ici

"Kendal Richoux's life began during the reign of Egypt's only female pharaoh. After accepting the opportunity to drink the elixir of the sun, Kendal becomes immortal and the Genesis Clan's slayer. History has taught her the dangers of getting too close to anyone who hasn't harnessed the power of time. After many years, she returns to New Orleans to finish a job she's trained for all her life. It's time for he to face her brother Henri, and it will have dire consequences to mankind if she fails.

Spring remains - a thriller

"Praised for writing "vividly and harshly" (The Washington Times) with prose that's "complex and heartfelt" (Kirkus Reviews), internationally acclaimed author Mons Kallentoft returns with the fourth chilling novel featuring crime investigator Malin Fors. Spring has finally arrived, filling the Swedish countryside with sunshine and flowers after a long, dark winter. The beautiful weather is lost on Detective Investigator Malin Fors, though, troubled as she is by the unexpected death of her emotio

All things tending towards the eternal


"The emotional and unforgettable new romance from the New York Times bestselling author of the On Dublin Street series. Alexa Holland's father was her hero-until her shocking discovery that her mother and she weren't his only family. Ever since, Alexa has worked to turn her life in a different direction and forge her own identity outside of his terrible secrets. But when she meets a man who's as damaged by her father's mistakes as she is, Alexa must help him. Caine Carraway wants nothing to do w

Plan B - a novel

Five friends reunite for an intervention about one's cocaine addiction, and the whole group reflects on their lives as they turn thirty.


Honor Penworthy finds herself wedded through an arranged marriage to a hearing impaired man. As she becomes involved with the Underground Railroad Samuel must decide whether to support Honor in this pursuit.

The sacrifice

When a fourteen-year-old girl is the alleged victim of a terrible act of racial violence, the incident shocks and galvanizes her community, exacerbating the racial tension that has been simmering in this New Jersey town for decades.

Dirty rush - a novel

"In this shockingly true-to-life novel written by an all-star team of Internet phenoms from the Total Frat Move generation, you'll get the first true glimpse of "real" sorority life in all its f**ked up glory. Dirty Rush by Taylor Bell is what happens when you take the creative minds behind Babe Walker (author of the New York Times bestselling White Girl Problems series) and add Rebecca Martinson to the mix. Rebecca Martinson--yes, that bitch--the former Delta Gamma sister responsible for the s

Every Little Kiss

The fireman's ready-made family

"For days, burn unit nurse Marly Haskins has noticed a handsome firefighter sitting vigil at patients' bedsides. Chief Drake St. John's concern touches the single mother deeply. But despite the warmth in Drake's cobalt-blue eyes, tall, strong, powerful men only remind Marly of the abusive ex-husband on her trail...and the dreams she's long since given up on. With his own harrowing past, Drake recognizes that Marly is running scared. His life and career are about saving others from harm, but ther

New Nonfiction Books

Natural Cures for Dummies

Effective Python - 59 Specific Ways to Write Better Python

King John - and the road to Magna Carta

How music works

The Rock-and-Roll Hall of Fame inductee and co-founder of Talking Heads presents a celebration of music that offers insight into the roles of time, place and recording technology, discussing how evolutionary patterns of adaptations and responses to cultural and physical contexts have influenced music expression throughout history and culminated in the 20th century's transformative practices. This work is an account of a life in music and an explanation of how and why music works from one of the

The Complete Guide to Connecting Audio, Video, and Midi Equipment - Get the Most Out of Your Digital, Analog, and Electronic Music Setups

The man who couldn't stop - OCD and the true story of a life lost in thought

"Have you ever had a strange urge to jump from a tall building or steer your car into oncoming traffic? You are not alone. In this ... fusion of science, history, and memoir, [science editor and writer] David Adam explores the weird thoughts that exist within every mind and explains how they drive millions of us toward obsession and compulsion"--Dust jacket flap.

Victoria's daughters

Packard closely examines a generation of royal women who were dominated by their mother, married off more for political advantage than for love, and finally passed over entirely with the accession of their brother to the throne.

Getting back out there - secrets to successful dating and finding true love after the big breakup

"You've broken up, done the work, and now are ready to move on to the next phase: a new relationship. In Getting Back Out There, Susan J. Elliott, creator of the wildly popular blog, guides you through the process of deciding when to date again, first-date jitters, the selection (and rejection) process of potential partners, and the rewarding experience of making a commitment with the right partner and being equipped for a happy, healthy relationship. With chapters suc


"This title in Lucent's Diseases and Disorders series discusses the illness known as meningitis. The book gives details on the symptoms of the disease, how it is contracted, known treatments as well as possible new treatments, and how the disease may be prevented. The title also includes an annotated bibliography and a list of organizations that can be contacted for support"--

Soul companions - a collection of worldwide spirit guide encounters

Karen Sawyer's Soul Companions is an amazing and enlightening anthology of profound experiences shared between some of the world's most revered wisdom keepers and their spirit guides. Inspiring and empowering, it lights a path for all of us to follow. --John Perkins, New York Times bestselling author of 'Confessions of an Economic Hit Man' and 'The Secret History of the American Empire'

Out of the Woods - Healing from Lyme Disease for Body, Mind, and Spirit

No simple highway - a cultural history of the Grateful Dead

"For almost three decades, the Grateful Dead was America's most popular touring band. [This is] the first book to ask the simple question of why--and attempt to answer it. Drawing on new research, interviews, and a fresh supply of material from the Grateful Dead archives, author Peter Richardson ... recounts the Dead's colorful history, adding new insight into everything from the acid tests to the band's formation of their own record label to their massive late career success, while probing the

Cool Japan Guide - Fun in the Land of Manga, Lucky Cats and Ramen

Explore Lightroom X - A Roadmap for Photographers

Young Eliot - A Biography

The Last Two Seconds - Poems

Flowers in felt & stitch - creating beautiful flowers using fleece, fibres and threads

iPad mini for dummies

This new edition of iPad mini For Dummies covers all the latest tips and tricks for getting an even bigger bang out of your iPad mini. Presented in full-color and written in the straightforward but fun language that has defined the For Dummies brand for more than twenty years, this friendly guide walks you through the multitouch interface, going online, getting connected, packing your iPad mini with apps, games, e-books, photos, music, and movies, synchronizing your data, texting with iMessage,

Merriam-Webster Children's Dictionary

In the land of invisible women - a female doctor's journey in the Saudi Kingdom

A female, Pakistani doctor describes her practice treating women in Saudi Arabia, where the harsh code of orthodoxy for women is contradicted by some of the private behavior of wealthy women, but imposes a harsh reality on poor women.

Happiness - A Philosopher's Guide

Our Auntie Rosa - the family of Rosa Parks remembers her life and lessons

Music marketing for the DIY musician - creating and executing a plan of attack on a low budget

First to jump - how the band of brothers was aided by the brave paratroopers of pathfinders company

Describes the training, bonding, and battlefield exploits of the U.S. Army Pathfinders during World War II, using personal narratives of soldiers and transport crew who flew them into action.

Soothe Your Soul - Meditations to Help You Through Life|s Painful Moments

New Young Adult Books & Graphic Novels

Green Lantern Corps. Recharge

The Guardians of the Universe have re-formed the Green lantern Corps. While veteran ring-bearers gladly return to duty, some new recruits resent having the life thrust upon them. As tensions rise, the untrained Green Lanterns stumble onto a plan that threatens the very existence of the Guardians themselves.

Axe Cop. Axe Cop Gets Married and Other Stories Volume 5

Axe Cop seeks a new wife to help him raise his adopted bat and monkey children while continuing his quest to restore justice for kids and grownups everywhere.

Black Widow 2 - The Tightly Tangled Web

Wandering son

Shuichi, a boy who wants to be a girl, and Yoshino, a girl who wants to be a boy, become friends in junior high school, where they tackle problems such as gender identity, love, social acceptance, and puberty.

Happy marriage?! 8

Hokuto resigns as CEO of Mamiya Commerce to take over a failing company within the Mamiya Corporation on the stipulation that he will be named rightful heir of the corporation if he turns a profit in a year.

Lobster Johnson. Volume 4, Get the lobster

A Manhattan sporting event goes terribly wrong as the ref is killed in front of a live audience by two crazed - and seemingly bulletproof - wrestlers. Who is behind this new reign of terror?

Wandering son. Volume six

After writing the script to their adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, Nitori-kun, the boy who wants to be a girl, and Chiba-san, the girl with a crush on him, disagree about the casting the roles of Romeo and Juliet.

All you need is kill

Young warrior Keiji Kiriya is sent out on the battlefield to fight alien invaders, only to find himself in a cycle of dying and being reborn to fight again, until he meets a mysterious girl known as Full Metal Bitch, who may provide a way out.

My little monster. 1

The unstable and violent Haru Yoshida latches on to Shizuku Mizutani, an overachiever with no friends, sparking the beginning of an unusual and potentially volatile relationship.

Batman Beyond 2.0 - Rewired

"Batman Beyond 2.0 launches with a new direction for Terry McGinnis! Commissioner Barbara Gordon enlists Terry's help while investigating the death of Neo-Gotham's Mayor, which took place inside the new Arkham Institute. Was it really only a heart attack? Or was one of Arkham's infamous inmates responsible? Collects issues #1-8"--

Deadpool minibus

It all begins with a tale we could only call Daadpool kills the Marvel Universe. (Spoilers!) Imagine a world in which a deadly new voice pipes up inside Wade Wilson's head. A voice that drives him to murderize every other costumed hero and villain -- even the really popular ones, with actual movies! But this Deadpool's bloodlust doesn't stop there. Not when the Ideaverse is full of the fabled icons of classic literature -- you know, the ones your parents read about in books. And not when there a


Six teenagers discover that their parents are actually a secret criminal society called the Pride, and since the children have no interest in becoming supervillains, they instead become runaways.

My Little Monster 6

Skyward. Into the Woods Volume 1, Into the woods

Quinn, left orphaned by an invasion of his homeland, bands with other lost villagers, who run headfirst into a conflict and world that is much bigger and fantastic than they could possibly imagine.

Wandering son. Volume seven

Nitori-kun, the boy who wants to be a girl has a crush on Takatsuki-san, the girl who wants to be a boy, which causes Chiba-san, the girl who has a crush on Nitori-kun to lash out at Takatsuki-san right before the school ski trip.

My little monster. 3

After a talk with Chizuru Oshima, who also has feelings for Shizuku, Haru decides to confirm his love for her, but Shizuku chooses to suppress her feelings for him and concentrate on school instead.

Cyclops. 1, Starstruck

My little monster. 5

With Haru preoccupied with his plans to fend off Yamaken as a rival for her affections, Shizuku is determined to make sure he realizes that she is in love with him.

Daredevil - West-case scenerio

Collects the adventures of Matt Murdock as he discovers how his mother became Sister Maggie, braves the wilds of Wakanda, and faces the Purple Children.

Thief of thieves. Volume 4, The Hit List

Conrad may have pulled off his last heist, but not without making some new enemies. Is anyone in his life safe?

Happy Marriage?! 10

Angel & Faith. Season 9, Volume 2, Daddy issues

The dark streets of London are increasingly dangerous as murderers, mystically devoid of emotion, begin to impact the lives of Angel and Faith. In unraveling this new mystery, the pair follow clues in the Watche's Files to a demon from Giles's past and a "child" from Angel's. Then, Drusilla returns to her homeland and becomes the hot new vampire in the underground scene! While Angel faces Dru, Faith must deal with issues that reawaken her inner turmoil, a visit from her deadbeat dad, who's looki

Alice in the Country of Joker Circus and Liar's Game 7

Happy marriage?!. 2

Assassination Classroom 2

New Large Print Books & Foreign Language Materials

Night blindness

A future as bright as the stars above the Connecticut shore lay before Jensen Reilly and her high school sweetheart, Ryder, until the terrible events of an October night left Jensen running from her family and her first love. Over the years that followed, Jensen buried her painful past, and now, married to a charismatic artist, she has created a new life far away from the unbearable secret of that night. When Jensen's father, Sterling, is diagnosed with a brain tumor, she returns to her childhoo

Perfect Sins

Silence of the lamb's wool

After the war is over- a novel

"After four years as a military nurse, Charlotte Brown is ready to leave behind the devastation of the Great War. The daughter of a vicar, she has always been determined to dedicate her life to helping others. Moving to busy Liverpool, she throws herself into her work with those most in need, only tearing herself away for the lively dinners she enjoys with the women at her boarding house. Just as Charlotte begins to settle into her new circumstances, two messages arrive that will change her life

One in a million

Broken Bonds

The Kind Worth Killing

Just You Wait - A Grace Street Mystery

At Bluebonnet Lake

Marketing maven Kate Sherwood's world is fast-paced, challenging, and always changing. The last thing she wants to do is slow down to a crawl at Rainbow's End, a dilapidated resort in the Texas Hill Country. But she cannot deny her ailing grandmother's request to visit the place. There Kate meets Greg Vange, the resort's handyman. Kate isn't looking for romance, but she can't deny the sparks of attraction that fly every time she and Greg are together. She even starts to see potential in the rund

Margery Allingham's Mr. Campion's Farewell - The Return of Albert Campion Completed by Mike Ripley

It's in his kiss - a Lucky Harbor novel

Becca Thorpe has uprooted her life and escaped to the beach. She meets surfer and investment genius Sam Brody, who doesn't mix business and pleasure. But he can't resist offering Becca a job just to hear her laugh.

Behind Closed Doors

Memories Are Made of This

We are not ourselves

"Born in 1941, Eileen Tumulty is raised by her Irish immigrant parents in Woodside, Queens, in an apartment where the mood swings between heartbreak and hilarity, depending on whether guests are over and how much alcohol has been consumed. Eileen can't help but dream of a calmer life, in a better neighborhood. When Eileen meets Ed Leary, a scientist whose bearing is nothing like those of the men she grew up with, she thinks she's found the perfect partner to deliver her to the cosmopolitan world

Take me with you

"August Shroeder, a burned-out teacher, is traveling to Yellowstone with his son's ashes. An unexpected twist of fate lands him with two extra passengers for his journey, two half-orphans with nowhere else to go. None of them could have known how transformative the trip would prove to be"--

Mermaids in paradise

On the grounds of a Caribbean island resort, newlyweds Deb and Chip, our opinionated, skeptical narrator and her cheerful jock husband who's friendly to a fault, meet a marine biologist who says she's sighted mermaids in a coral reef. As the resort's "parent company" swoops in to corner the market on mythological creatures, the couple joins forces with other adventurous souls, including an ex Navy SEAL with a love of explosives and a hipster Tokyo VJ, to save said mermaids from the "Venture of M

A deadly measure of brimstone - a Dandy Gilver mystery

"Dandy and the whole Gilver clan travel to a spa town for a weekend of relaxation which is quickly interrupted by a slew of mysterious-- and deadly--events"--

Shadows in the vineyard - the true story of the plot to poison the world's greatest wine

In January of 2010 the proprietor of the Domaine de la Romane´e-Conti, producer of the world's most expensive and exquisite wines, was threatened that his vines would be destroyed unless he paid a one million euro ransom. He believed it was a sick joke, which proved a fatal miscalculation. The story uncovered by journalist Maximillian Potter would lead to a sting operation by some of France's top detectives.

Wheat belly total health - the ultimate grain-free health and weight-loss plan

Wheat Belly Total Health answers the question, "What's next in the battle against wheat?" In his follow-up to the mega bestseller, Wheat Belly, Dr. Davis helps his readers take command over their life and health in the aftermath of wheat. There are many strategies that will help heal the damage caused by years of a wheat filled diet. And many of these lessons have been learned in the years since the original Wheat Belly was released, lessons played out on the broad public stage of over one milli

Conscious living, conscious aging - embrace & savor your next chapter

"We financially plan for our retirement, but do we plan for our wellbeing? Here is an empowering guide with practical tools to help you live a passionate, fulfilling second half of life. If you're part of the Baby Boomer generation, then you belong to 26 percent of the US population that is retiring healthier than any generation before. And that means retirement is starting to look a whole lot different. No longer satisfied with a quiet life of sitting on the porch or puttering around the house,

The Lewis man

Fin Macleod returns to the outer Hebridean island of his youth to make amends and restore his parents' cottage before investigating a death involving family secrets and a sinister adversary.

The daughter of Highland Hall

"Eighteen-year-old Katherine Ramsey travels to London with her family to make her debut into society and hopefully find her future husband"--

The assassination option - a Clandestine Operations novel

Death takes a ride

Insatiable appetites

New Children's Materials

Five undersea stories - a collection of five step 2 early readers.

The poky little puppy

All day long, one puppy lags behind the other.

Paddington - Paddington's adventures

Ever since the young bear Paddington entered the Browns' home, everything from having tea to taking the London Underground has been an incredible adventure.

Amazing battles!

Introduces the DC comics superheroes, including Wonder Woman, Batman, and Superman, as they battle to save the day.

We love to dance!

When a town mayor will not let his daughter dance, Dora and her friends endeavor to prove that dancing can be both safe and fun.

Farm days

Chip, a city dog, goes to visit his country cousins to learn all about farming.

Daniel goes out for dinner

Follows Daniel's efforts to practice patience while hungrily waiting for his dinner to arrive at a restaurant.

Go to bed, Blue

Blue, a little alien from outer space, drives his human companions to distraction when he resists going to sleep.

How to pick your dragon

Chief Stoick wants to train his own dragon and enlists his son Hiccup to help him tame the most ferocious species yet.

Richard Scarry's Be careful, Mr. Frumble!

Mr. Frumble's plan to go for a walk is directed by the wind, which carries his hat off from one place to another causing many near-disasters.

Charlie the ranch dog - Stuck in the mud

When Charlie the ranch dog tries to help Abigail the calf, who is stuck in the mud, he gets stuck too.

A princess can!

Merida, Rapunzel, and Tiana prove that they can accomplish anything if they just believe in themselves and try.

Batman's hero files

Learn all about Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow and the rest of the Super Friends!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Too much ooze!

Shredder has a plan to mutate the city. Can the Turtles stop him?

Fire crew!

Explains what each member of the fire crew does and how they help each other battle the flames.

3, 2, 1, Go!

Planet name game

"The Cat in the Hat, Sally, and Nick visit each of the planets in this book based on an episode of the PBS Kids TV show The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That!"--

Sleepy Dog, wake up!

Simple text and illustrations portray a small dog waking up, having breakfast, and getting ready to play.

Five Undersea Stories

Funny Bunnies - Morning, Noon, and Night

Pit crew pups

It's the day of the big race. Get ready to roll with Ryder, Rocky, and Chase.

I am Baymax

Baymax explains who he is and how he and his friends fight the evil Yokai in the city of San Fransokyo.

Food fight!

"Plankton has a robot. SpongeBob has ketchup. Who will win?"--Page 4 of cover.

Power up!

Describes the world of Chima, where powerful tribes use CHI orbs to power up their vehicles, weapons, and even themselves.

Frog and Toad storybook treasury

Celebrate the power of friendship with all four of the beloved Frog and Toad I Can Read stories by Arnold Lobel, now in one volume. This treasury includes the complete art and text from four classics: Frog and Toad Are Friends (1970), Frog and Toad Together (1971), Frog and Toad All Year (1976), and Days with Frog and Toad (1979). Share the adventures of best friends Frog and Toad as they fly a kite, resist the temptation of cookies, and search for a lost button. No matter what kind of situation