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New Movies & Music

Year Published: 1986

Fist of the north star- the tv series vol 2

It's fast and furious deadly martial arts action pushed to the limits, and beyond. Never before have so many been killed by just one man. The carnage gets serious with this second box set containing episodes 37-72. Ken continues his quest to save the post-apocalyptic world using his insane martial arts skills. Fists will fly and heads will explode!

Year Published: 2014

Anger management. Volume three

Charlie is a non-traditional therapist specializing in anger management. He has a successful private practice, holding sessions with his group of primary patient regulars each week, as well as performing pro bono counseling for an inmate group at the state prison. Charlie thrives on the chaos in his life while still battling his own anger issues.

Year Published: 1955


He's a deputy who vows to avenge the murder of a marshal and hits the vengeance trail, encountering a half-breed and bounty hunter. Tracking the killer, leads into Indian country, where they are captured by redmen who pit him and his quarry against each other in a shotgun duel.

Year Published: 2013

Chonda pierce- girl talk

The 'Queen of Clean' is back for another sold-out performance in Nashville, Tennessee, and her Southern sass and razor sharp wit will have you laughing until it hurts. Chondra's ready to tell it like it is, and there's no subject she's afraid to tackle! This preacher's daughter is here to share some of her funniest stories with you and your whole family. Whether you're a woman, a man, a long-time fan or not, join in for a little girl talk.

Year Published: 1959

Four fast guns

Against a backdrop of Arizona landscapes, this offbeat Western spins the yarn of a wanted man who turns unofficial lawman to tame the town of Purgatory, but finds that the main troublemaker is a crippled saloon owner whose infirmity, according to the Western code, keeps him safe from gun justice.

Year Published: 2014


The year is 2028 and multinational conglomerate OmniCorp is at the center of robot technology. When Alex Murphy, a loving husband, father, and good cop, is critically injured in the line of duty, OmniCorp sees their chance for a part-man, part-robot police officer. OmniCorp envisions a RoboCop in every city and even more billions for their shareholders, but they never counted on one thing. There is still a man inside the machine, pursuing justice.

Year Published: 2014

The Bletchley circle. Season 2.

Four women who worked as codebreakers at Bletchley Park have taken up civilian lives.

Year Published: 2014

Newhart season 3

Highlights include Harley getting tricked into selling swamp grave plots, George saving two local boys from drowning, Stephanie trying to pass her driver's test, your run of the mill boat problems and more. Includes all twenty-two episodes of season three.

Year Published: 2014

Bad ass 2 - bad asses.

Vietnam vet Frank Vega now runs and East L.A. community center where he trains young boxers to survive in and out of the ring. But when his prize student falls in with the wrong crowd and turns up dead, Frank teams up with his pal Bernie to take matters into their own fists and prove that justice never gets old.

Year Published: 2011

Rome, open city

Year Published: 1983

Newhart season 2

Dick is fighting against the advances of a celebrity author, Joanna's challenging the town's historical practice of the men and women eating separately during the town's potluck dinners, Stephanie gets lost in a snowstorm; Kirk is planning to sell the Minuteman Cafe and more.

Year Published: 2005

Panic in year zero/The last man on earth

Year Published: 1938

Out west with the hardys

When Judge Hardy gets a cry for help from his old school chum Dora, he packs the whole clan up and heads out west to help her save her ranch. Landing where the buffalo roam, Judge Hardy sets to 'researches and strategizes' for a legal answer to Dora's water rights issues while Andy tries to pass as a Westerner with disastrous results.

Year Published: 2014

3 days to kill

A dangerous international spy is determined to give up his high stakes life to finally build a closer relationship with his estranged wife and daughter, whom he's previously kept at arm's length to keep out of danger. First, he must complete one last mission, even if it means juggling the two toughest assignments yet: hunting down the world's most ruthless terrorist and looking after his teenage daughter for the first time in ten years while his wife is out of town.

Year Published: 2014

Mlb pride and perseverance- the story of the negro leagues

The history of the Negro Leagues is often a forgotten part of baseball history. And despite its popularity and wealth of talent, it was not well documented. The film sheds light on this period and shows how it laid the groundwork for today's African-American players in Major League Baseball.

Year Published: 2014


Angel Sanchez, a disturbed man fixated on the tragic death of his mother. Seemingly intent on finding inner peace, Sanchez seeks out Tommy Carter, a successful local author/spiritual advisor. Unaware of his client's true intent, Carter agrees to help the man rebuild his shattered life. But when Sanchez reveals his true intentions, the life coach must do everything in his power to stay alive in this taut, psychological thriller.

Year Published: 2014


Set in 79 A.D., Pompeii tells the epic story of Milo, a slave turned invincible gladiator who finds himself in a race against time to save his true love Cassia, the beautiful daughter of a wealthy merchant who has been unwillingly betrothed to a corrupt Roman Senator. As Mount Vesuvius erupts in a torrent of blazing lava, Milo must fight his way out of the arena in order to save his beloved as the once magnificent Pompeii crumbles around him.

Year Published: 2014

The secret life of Walter Mitty [Motion picture - 2013]

Watch the classic story by James Thurber, about a daydreamer who escapes his anonymous life by disappearing into a world of fantasies filled with heroism, romance, and action. When his job along with that of his co-worker are threatened, Walter takes action in the real world embarking on a global journey that turns into an adventure more extraordinary than anything he could have ever imagined.

Year Published: 2005

Eureka seven- complete collection 2

Year Published: 2012

Confession of murder

When the statute of limitations runs out on a series of high porfile murders, a handsome and mysterious young man emerges with a tell-all book, taking credit for the crimes.

Year Published: 2014

Big bad wolves

A series of brutal murders puts the lives of three men on a collision course: The father of the latest victim now out for revenge, a vigilante police detective operating outside the boundaries of law, and the main suspect in the killings; a religious studies teacher arrested and released due to a police blunder.

Year Published: 1993

Adventures of pete & pete, the- season 1

Contains all eight episodes from the first season of this wildly popular series about a surreal suburban world seen through the eyes of preteens.

Year Published: 2005

Eureka seven- complete collection 1

Year Published: 2014

Military might of the west

Focuses on all aspects of the great fighting machines of the west. Whether it's the powerful battleships and destroyers that patrol our oceans or the fighter and bombers that dominate the modern battlefields across the world.

Year Published: 2013

Raw, 20th anniversary collection [Part 2 of 2] - the 20 greatest episodes uncut & unedited

Part 2 of 2: Commemorating the twentieth anniversary of Raw, WWE presents twenty of the most memorable Raw episodes in history. For the first time ever, the collection features twenty complete episodes of Raw spread out over twelve discs. Each episode will be featured in chronological order, and was carefully selected to present a wide range that showcases all eras, several milestones, and historic moments throughout Raw history.

New Fiction Books

The book of unknown Americans - a novel

O, Africa!

In the wolf's mouth - a novel

"A new novel, set in North Africa and Sicily at the end of World War II, by the author Julian Barnes called one of the best British writers to emerge in the last decade"--

1920 - America's great war

"Consider another 1920: Imperial Germany has become the most powerful nation in the world. In 1914 she had crushed England, France, and Russia in a war that was short but entirely devastating. By 1920, Kaiser Wilhelm II is looking for new lands to devour. The United States is fast becoming an economic super-power and the only nation that can conceivably threaten Germany. The U.S. is militarily inept, hosever, and is led by a sick and delusional president who wanted to avoid war at any price. Thu

The orphans of Race Point - a novel

"A passionate and page-turning saga with an unsolved murder that consumes three lives over several decades in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Told through these three voices THE ORPHANS OF RACE POINT is a novel of suspense, betrayal, and the different ways we find transcendence and meaning in our lives. But most of all, it is a gorgeous and unforgettable love story"--

The only woman to defy him

Standing outside legendary playboy Demyan Zukov's penthouse suite, shy personal assistant Alina Ritchi is shaking with nerves, she should never have agreed to this job. She's out of her depth, and that's before she's met her delicious new boss. Demyan's wicked reputation doesn't disappoint, she might be a virgin, but surely one hot glance from Demyan shouldn't make her feel so, naked? Exposed, she finds that his gaze ignites her defiance, and soon she's challenging him every step of the way!

My life as a man

A young novelist's obsession with proving his manhood is transferred to his fiction and echoed in his tempestuous marriage.

Gathering shadows

"Wynter Evans came to the town of Sanctuary looking for answers. Can Mayor Reuben King help her discover the truth about her brother's disappearance?"--

Paper Lantern - Love Stories

Scene of the crime- return to Mystic Lake

Wild weekend

"One small gamble. One BIG (sexy) payoff! Bank manager Christine Pearson is dismayed when she finds her old "bucket list". After ten years, nothing is crossed off. Nothing. So she does the sensible thing--ditches her "reliable" shoes, grabs some kick-ass heels and hits Vegas! But the second she sees the tall glass of sexiness heading her way, Christine's list is suddenly include one wicked night with Travis Cain. But when her naughty one-nighter shows up in her small town, Christine

The sea house - a novel

"In 1860, Alexander Ferguson, a newly ordained vicar and amateur evolutionary scientist, takes up his new parish, a poor, isolated patch on the remote Scottish island of Harris. He hopes to uncover the truth behind the legend of the selkies--mermaids or seal people who have been sighted off the north of Scotland for centuries. He has a more personal motive, too; family legend states that Alexander is descended from seal men. As he struggles to be the good pastor he was called to be, his maid Moi

Curious case of the missing figurehead.

The Other Language - Stories

The target

Earl Fontaine, a terminally ill Alabama death row prisoner, plans one last killing that will personally affect Robie and his fellow agent, Jessica Reel. Meanwhile Evan Tucker, the head of the CIA, recommends Robie and Reel for a mission to assassinate a foreign leader.

New Nonfiction Books

At the Point of a Cutlass - The Pirate Capture, Bold Escape, and Lonely Exile of Philip Ashton

Play and win mah-jong

The ancient game of mah-jong is addictive to play and quickly growing in popularity. With some basic understanding of rules and strategy, you too can become a master. This handbook takes you from the very beginning to advanced advice on strategy and gamesmanship.

Miniature gardens - design and create miniature fairy gardens, dish gardens, terrariums and more--indoors and out

The plant lover's guide to salvias

How it feels to be free - black women entertainers and the civil rights movement

The people's platform - taking back power and culture in the digital age

Hollywood's New Yorker - the making of Martin Scorsese

In Hollywood'd New Yorker Marc Raymond offers a fresh looko at Scorsese's career in relation to the critical and social environment of the past fifty years. He traces Scorsese's career and films through his association with various cultural institutions, from his role as as a student and instructor at New York University, to his move to Hollywood and his relationship with the studio system, to his relationship with prestigious institutions like the Museum of Modern Art. This sociological approac

Lords of the sky - how fighter pilots changed war forever, from the Red Baron to the F-16

Going back one hundred years and drawing on his expertise, one of the most decorated pilots in history showcases the pioneers who have ruled the air from World War I to today and presents his personal account of traveling the world to find these storied aircraft.

Imac for Dummies

7 weeks to 300 sit-ups - strengthen and sculpt your abs, back, core and obliques by training to do 300 consecutive sit-ups

By following the 7-week program in this book the reader will massively increase the strength and muscle tone of his or her core, back and obliques to such an extreme as to be able to do 300 consecutive sit-ups. Packed with clear charts and helpful photos, 7 Weeks to 300 Sit-Ups tells you everything you need to know about the ultimate exercise for your core and includes instructions on how to do a perfect sit-up, easy-to-follow progressive training programs, and added challenges for extreme stren

E.E. Cummings - a life

A major reassessment of the life and work of the novelist, painter, and playwright considered to be one of America's preeminent twentieth-century poets. Cummings was and remains controversial--called "a master" or "hideous." In Susan Cheever's rich biography we see his idyllic childhood years in Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his sternly religious father and his loving, attentive mother. We see Cummings--slight, agile, playful, a product of a nineteenth-century New England childhood; his love of

Charity & philanthropy for dummies

If you'd like to make a difference in the world but don't think you have the means to do so, think again! This guide shows you where to start, how to use your talents to effect change, and what works and what doesn't.

The iron road - the illustrated history of railways

From the early steam trains to the high-speed bullet trains of today, 'The Iron Road' tells the hidden stories of railway history - the inspired engineering, blood, sweat and tears that went into the construction of the railways. Uncover the compelling tales of bold vision, invention and error, and social change behind the history of trains and railways, with famous railways such as the Transsiberian fully explored.

Ms. American Pie - buttery good pie recipes and bold tales from the American Gothic house

Get your act together - a 7-day get-organized program for the overworked, overbooked, and overwhelmed

The authors recomend a system using 3x5 cards to organize basic housekeeping.

Midwest fruit & vegetable gardening - plant, grow, and harvest the best edibles

This book includes planting, care, and harvesting information for more than 60 fruits, vegetables and herbs; popular selections, from arugula to zucchini; a variety of additional common and unusual fruits, vegetables, and herbs; and advice on garden planning, creating the perfect soil, watering, and more.

Thank you, Billy Graham

Most Americans know his name, his faith, his ministrynow readers can enjoy the inspiring, heartwarming, personal stories of his legacy in Thank You, Billy Graham. This brand-new book contains scores of thank-you notes collected on the website, sharing moving stories of God's grace, love, and power in the lives of real people. Compiled by three of Billy Graham's grandchildren, Thank You, Billy Graham will encourage and inspire readers with a beautiful picture of a life well live

Say this, not that - a foolproof guide to effective interpersonal communication

"Carl Alasko has found that with the right guidance, anyone can learn effective communication skills. In Say This, Not That, Alasko presents readers with simple instructions for what to say . . . and what not to say"--

One mind - how our individual mind is part of a greater consciousness and why it matters

Business Finance Basics - Learn What You Need in Two Hours

DK Eyewitness Corsica

Excel Data Analysis for Dummies

Seasonal silhouettes

100 Most Beautiful Songs Ever - For Fingerpicking Guitar

Mandolin Favorites

New Young Adult Books & Graphic Novels

Alice in the Country of Clover. March hare

"When Alice came to the Country of Clover, she swore she didn't want to fall in love. But Elliot March, the rabbit-eared second-in-command at Hatter Mansion, has other plans. He's enthusiastic, affectionate, and disarmingly honest--but he's also a vicious killer and a mafia thug. And that's not even getting into his scary obsession with carrots... On the other side, there's the jealous Peter White, the white rabbit who brought Alice to Wonderland in the first place. As Prime Minister of the riva

Dive in the Vampire Bund. Volume 1

The Vampire Bund, a peaceful island nation of vampires off the coast of Tokyo, ruled by Princess Mina Tepes, has seen its share of conflict and turmoil. And yet there are times of relative tranquility when the Bund is a popular tourist destination during daylight hours.

Daredevil - the man without fear!. [Book 3]

Arisa. Vol. 1


14 yrs+


When cardboard creatures come magically to life, a boy must save his town from disaster.

Lobster Johnson. Volume 1, Iron prometheus

The strange talent of Luther Strode

"Luther Strode is just your average geek, until he sends for an exercise course from the back of an old comic book. What he gets is the instruction manual from a murder cult as old as mankind, which does everything that it promised, and more--" -- p. [4] of cover.

Diabetes and me - an essential guide for kids and parents

"An illustrated guidebook for young people with diabetes"--

One piece. Volume 71

With Caesar Clown dispatched, Luffy and the Straw Hat crew head to the kingdom of Dressrosa where they face off against Caesar Clown's former boss, Doflamingo.

Rin-Ne. Vol. 14

"Renge Shima, a hot transfer student, is Rinne's new classmate. But whose spirit is that hovering over her shoulder?! As if that weren't enough, Rinne also has to deal with Black Cat elder, a Nine-Tailed Fox and a visit from a demon of Hell!!!"--Page [4] of cover.

The death of Captain America - complete collection

Black lagoon. 004

Celebrated summer

This original graphic novella is a funny and moving story of escalating humor and tension between two disaffected teens, Mike and Wolf, who take a spontaneous summer road trip after dropping acid. As the stark black and white of Forsman's cartooning indicates, however, this is not a psychedelic, Kandy-Kolored Tangerine-Flake Streamline Baby kind of trip. Instead of the escapism they crave from their fragile home lives, the LSD only heightens their sense of ennui, exacerbates their fears about th

The invincible Iron Man. Vol. 8, Unfixable

A dying Dr. Octopus presents Tony Stark with a challenge--cure him or else!--Tony teams up with Thor against a threat to the Earth from a badly terraformed Moon, and Pepper Potts faces her own demons while in hiding.

Strobe edge. Vol. 4

"Ando confesses his feelings to Ninako and tells her to give up on Ren-- especially because there are limits to loving someone who already has a girlfriend. Meanwhile, Ren finds it harder and harder to deny his attraction to Ninako-- But will Ren choose to do anything about it, particularly when his girlfriend, Mayuka, needs him?" -- from publisher's web site.

Knights of Sidonia. Vol. 4

"A faction of the Sidonia that believes humanity's aggressive posture toward the Gauna is responsible for the extraterrestrial behemoth's hostility desires to chart a separate course. Hero Tanikaze and his middle-gendered friend Shinatose are both promoted while the scion of the Kunato family delves into dubious experiments in this installment of the premiere hard sci-fi series..."--Back cover.

Magi - the labyrinth of magic. 4

"After many adventures, Aladdin and Morgiana finally reach the great city of Balbadd, only to find it seething with corruption and dissent. There, Aladdin reunites with his friend Alibaba hoping to once again capture a dungeon together. However, Aladdin finds that Alibaba has changed and has become the leader of a band of outlaws" --

FF. Vol. 1, Fantastic faux

"The Fantastic Four have formed a new team to guard the planet, and their wards in the Future Foundation, while they're on an interdimensional jouney: Scott Lang, the incredible shrinking Ant Man! Jen Walters, the original gamma-spawned She-Hulk! Medusa, queen of the Inhumans! And...Ms. Thing??! But how does the world respond when this new FF take to the streets and make their public debut? How do the Future Foundation kids feel about these new grown-ups running the show? And what does Scott Lan

Library wars. Love & war. 11

"In the near future, the federal government creates a committee to rid society of books it deem sunsuitable. THe libraries vow to protect their collections, and with the help of local governments, form a miltary group to defend themselves--The Library Forces!" -- p. [4] of cover.

Knights of Sidonia. Vol. 1

Outer space, the far future. A lone seed ship, the Sidonia, plies the void, ten centuries since the obliteration of the solar system. The massive, nearly indestructible, yet barely sentient alien life forms that destroyed humanity?s home world continue to pose an existential threat. Nagate Tanikaze has only known life in the vessel?s bowels deep below the sparkling strata where humans have achieved photosynthesis and new genders. Not long after he emerges from the Underground, however, the youth

Star Wars Omnibus. Dark times. Volume 1

As clone troopers gun down the Jedi, the Republic falls and an Empire takes its place. The future is grim, and the remaining Jedi know they must hide to survive, but little else is clear. Master Dass Jennir will strive to find what it means to be a Jedi in this changed galaxy. Master K'Kruhk--suddenly responsible for a group of Jedi younglings--will sacrifice much for their safety. The struggles of the Jedi will intertwine with those of others now living in fear, including the diverse crew of a

Fantastic Four epic collection - all in the family.

After a lengthy absence, the Thing returns to the Fantastic Four! But he's returned just before his ex-girlfriend Alicia's wedding to the Human Torch, and Alicia's stepfather the Puppet Master isn't happy about the nuptials! Then, when Mr. Fantastic turns down the X-Men's request to help their dying teammate Shadowcat, Dr. Doom is more than happy to offer assistance! But is he secretly plotting to drive the FF apart? He's certainly up to something when he kidnaps Franklin and offers him to Mephi

Bravest warriors. Volume one

"A terrifying Clown Planet is being attacked by their greatest enemy: sadness! And it's up to our heroes to band together and so what they do headfirst into their mission and ask questions later! Will the Bravest Warriors be able to save the CLowns from sadness?"--P. [4] of cover.

Arisa. Vol. 8

"Having collected all of King's cell phones, Kudo now rules over his classmates with terror! In a terrible act of vengeance, he enacts his final dastardly plot by setting a house on fire. As the blaze threatens to destroy everything, Kudo's classmates are all hunting for the identity of the King!"--P. [4] of cover.

New Large Print Books & Foreign Language Materials

Secrets on Cedar Key

"In the wake of her husband Andrew's sudden passing, there's nowhere Marin Kane would rather be than back on Cedar Key. Marin plans to run the needlepoint store next to her mother Dora's yarn shop, and settle once more into her tranquil hometown. Then a bombshell arrives: a secret daughter Andrew never revealed to anyone. Now nineteen, Fiona was the product of a summer affair Andrew had when he was out of town teaching - while Marin was home with their two small sons. All Fiona wants is a chance


When an argument in a blinding New England snowstorm inadvertently causes an accident that involves a stranger and her child, all Bernard Doyle cares about is his ability to keep his children--all his children--safe.


Eighteen years ago, a fire ravaged the Dillinger family's old homestead, killing Judd Dillinger and crippling his girlfriend. Though the cause of the fire was never discovered, some people in town thought it was just another strike in the old feud between the Dillingers and their rivals, the Kincaids. Life in Prairie Creek, Wyoming, has been quiet ever since, but now strange things have started happening again. Ira Dillinger, the family's wealthy patriarch, has summoned his children home for

The Smoke at Dawn - A Novel of the Civil War

The soul of the rose

Celia Thatcher is searching for her own sense of hope after the tragic death of her closest friend. Moving in 1876 to work in a Massachusetts bookstore and start life afresh, she soon catches the eye of not one, but two men: elite but unkempt Edward Lyons and charming law student Charles Harrod. Both leave Celia wondering if either is right for her. When one of them is accused of murder, Celia is challenged with a deeper choice: should she follow her heart or her faith?

And the dark sacred night

Everything to Lose

Yarn to go

Unleashing Mr. Darcy

Mo' meta blues - the world according to Questlove

Mo' Meta Blues is a punch-drunk memoir in which Questlove tells his own story while tackling some of the lates, the greats, the fakes, the philosophers, the heavyweights, and the true originals of the music world. He digs deep and unearths some pivotal moments in black art, hip hop, and pop culture. More than just a memoir, this is a dialogue about the nature of memory and the idea of a post-modern black man saddled with post-modern blues. (Bestseller).

Sixkiller, U.S. Marshal

He was born in the Going Snake District of the Cherokee Nation and forged a destiny as bold as his name. John Henry Sixkiller was fearless. He fought in the 2nd Cherokee Mounted Rifles, his father's regiment during the Civil War, and served with the Longhorse Police in Indian territory in a time of violence and change. Now, Sixkiller faces his greatest challenge yet. As a U.S. Marshal, he must take on the most notorious outlaws the west has ever seen.


When Philip Dryden is informed that his father has been killed in an accident, Dryden must discover how this could be since he knew the man to have been killed in a flood years earlier, and how this might to relate to two new unexplained cases.

Blossom Street brides

"Now wedding bells are ringing in the tight-knit community that gathers around A Good Yarn, a store in a pretty Seattle neighborhood" --

Bad wolf

Return to Tradd Street

Struggling to complete renovations on her house before her baby arrives, single mother and psychic realtor Melanie Middleton seeks help from the man who broke her heart when a series of hauntings plaguing her house turn violent.

Sex after-- - women share how intimacy changes as life changes

Rosarito beach

A promise kept

Living in a cabin she inherited from her single, self-reliant Great Aunt Emma after her husband leaves her, Allison comes to terms with her grief, but when she finds a wedding dress and journals in Emma's attic, Allison discovers Emma was surprisingly like herself.

The ghost of the Mary Celeste

"A captivating, atmospheric return to historical fiction that is every bit as convincing and engrossing as Martin's landmark Mary Reilly. In 1872 the American merchant vessel Mary Celeste was discovered adrift off the coast of Spain. Her cargo was intact and there was no sign of struggle, but the crew was gone. They were never found. This maritime mystery lies at the center of an intricate narrative branching through the highest levels of late- nineteenth-century literary society. While on a voy

The skin collector - a Lincoln Rhyme novel

When a serial killer begins terrorizing New York City, claiming his victims by tattooing cryptic messages on their skin using tattoo guns loaded with poison, Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs are drawn into the case because of its connection to the decade-old Bone Collector case.

Wife 22

Baring her soul in an anonymous survey for a marital happiness study, Alice catalogues her stale marriage, unsatisfying job and unfavorable prospects and begins to question virtually every aspect of her life.

Forever Friday

It ain't over ... till it's over

They danced by the light of the moon - an Andy Gammon mystery

Under magnolia - a southern memoir

New Children's Materials

Katy Duck goes to work

Katy is excited to spend a day with her father at work and enjoys typing, pressing buttons, visiting the water cooler, and coloring but quickly learns to be careful when dancing at work.

The Berenstain Bears gone fishin'!

Papa Bear takes his cubs on a trip with him in order to show them how to fish, but when the little ones forgo the expensive equipment and want to fish with simple tools, it is Papa Bear who winds up learning a lesson.

A new hope

Retells the story of the iconic science fiction film through LEGO figurines as they attempt to save Princess Leia from the clutches of the Empire.

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Elmo hitches a ride on a kite that takes him from the park into a jungle, a swamp, and other faraway places

Can you tell me how to get to Sesame Street?

Elmo, who likes books, is suddenly transported away from them and Sesame Street while flying a kite.

I can do it! - [featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets]

Zoe and her friends at Sesame Street can do all sorts of things, especially when they help each other.

I said, "Bed!"

A little boy who is not ready for sleep goes on a bedtime adventure.

Monkey and elephant go gadding

Monkey and Elephant are very good friends, very good friends who look too nice to just stay at home. So they decide to go gadding. "Gadding?" said Elephant. "What's that?" "Gadding," said Monkey, "is walking along, looking around, finding something fun, stopping awhile, then moving on." Along the way, Monkey and Elephant meet up with some old friends, and three new ones, too. You never know what fun surprises you'll discover when you decide to go gadding!

Woodward and McTwee

Friends Woodward the elephant and McTwee the bird have fun together.

Petal and Poppy

Best friends Petal, a tuba-playing elephant, and Poppy, an adventurous rhinoceros, do not always agree on what to do but they can always count on one another when the going gets rough.

Double trouble

Heartlake High is hosting a club fair, and the friends are all signing up for new activities! But when Andrea's concert is the same night as Stephanie's big soccer game, Olivia, Emma and Mia are torn between which event to attend. Can they figure out a way to cheer on both of their friends?

Otis's Busy Day

Charlie Goes to the Doctor

The empire strikes back

Retells the story of the iconic science fiction film through LEGO figurines as the Rebels fight against the evil Empire.

I can do it! - featuring Jim Henson's Sesame Street Muppets

Zoe and her friends at Sesame Street can do all sorts of things, especially when they help each other.

Spidey's New Costume - Level 3 Reader


Oliver the elephant looks elsewhere for employment after learning that the circus already has enough elephants.

Kung Fu Panda. Po's secret move

When Po accidentally destroys the memories of the Furious Five, they forget he is their friend and want to fight him, and he must find a way to restore their memories before it's too late.


"Do you love puppies? Well this book is just for you! Puppies make some of the best pets, though they take a lot of work. Read all about how to have fun and take good care of a puppy!"--P. [4] of cover.

Chip wants a dog

Chip really, really wants a dog, but when his parents refuse to buy him one, a dream reveals the perfect solution.

Ladybug girl. Do you like these boots?

"Lulu, who likes to dress in a ladybug costume, has outgrown her favorite pair of boots. Her mom saves the day by taking her to the shoe store. Learn your colors with Ladybug Girl as she tries on new shoes and finds the perfect pair: red boots with black polka dots"--

The Berenstain Bears' lemonade stand

After enjoying their mother's lemonade, Brother, Sister and Honey Bear decide to start up a lemonade stand to sell it to the neighborhood.

Muddy, mud, Bud

Bud the car loves to be muddy, but when he thinks a car wash will help him get muddier, he is in for a big surprise.