It's Your Money!

It's Your Money!

MCPL's personal finance program is here to help you learn more about money and how to manage it with books, programs, websites, and so much more!

It's Your Money PSA #5: Meet Lil BUB

Lil BUB might be the cutest cat in the world. Lil BUB is the first to tell you that spaying and neutering is smart for the pets, humans, and humans' wallets, but what else does she know about money? Well, she IS a cat, so probably not very much. But she does know where she - and her human friends - can turn for help. It's Your Money at the Monroe County Public Library!

Sign Up for Free, Confidential, One-on-One Financial Help with "Talk to an Expert"


Looking for free and unbiased financial information? It's Your Money presents Talk to an Expert, a one-on-one consultation with a financial expert here at the library. Ask any financial question you like and receive expert guidance in a confidential setting.

Sessions occur the final Thursday of the month from 5:00-7:00 pm.

To sign up for your half hour appointment sbowman [at] mcpl [dot] info (send an email) or call 812-349-3263. Hurry, appointments fill up fast and are made on a first-come, first-served basis.

It's Your Money PSA #4: Meet Jessica, Mike, and Asa

Jessica and Mike love their new baby, Asa, but as the bills for their new family start piling up, where can they turn for free and unbiased financial information? It's Your Money at the Monroe County Public Library! The Monroe County Public Library's It's Your Money program has the free and unbiased tools to help Jessica and Mike make smart financial choices to make sure that they -- and especially Asa -- have a bright financial future.

It's Your Money PSA #3: Meet... Hands

Hands do an incredible job of taking something familiar -- duct tape -- and turning it into something unexpected -- a wallet. But how will Hands keep their money in that new wallet? The Monroe County Public Library's It's Your Money project has the free and unbiased tools to help Hands make smarter financial choices and keep bad spending habits from turning that wallet back into a pile of duct tape.


It's Your Money PSA #2: Meet Toni

Toni is a high school student who just got her first job. She dreams of all the things she'll be able to do with her new income. But how will she know how to use that money smartly? It's Your Money can help with free and unbiased resources courtesy of your library!



30 Personal Finance Blogs For Everyone

Everyone could use a daily reminder about why it's important to know where your money goes, and these 30 personal finance blogs have something for everyone. Worried about debt? How to budget for student loans? Want to spend smarter (especially with the holidays approaching)? Or maybe you want some perspective on current financial news? Scan the blogs and find something that works for you!

It's Your Money PSA #1: Meet Tyler 

Tyler's a soon-to-graduate college student who is in need of some budget help. Find out how what It's Your Money and the Monroe County Public Library can do for him (and you) when it comes to budgeting, saving, spending, credit cards, and investment -- through free and unbiased library resources.


It's Your Money is made possible by a grant from the FINRA Investor Education Foundation through Smart investing@your library®, a partnership with the American Library Association.

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