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  • Bloomington has a rich culture of visual art, from painting, sculpture, traditional folk art, as well as many decades of varying architectural styles throughout town.The Indiana University Department of Fine Arts gives students and faculty a venue to express their arts. The venues listed in this guide are free and open to the public.

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  • Nick Bauer
    Ind Gen 977.2 In M53 History Bau

    Photographs and brief descriptions of outstanding limestone buildings and other structures in Bloomington are showcased in this book by local authors Nick Bauer and Darin Petesch. 

  • Linda Baden, editor
    IND 708.172255 Mas

    This book represents just a small sampling of the pieces held by the Indiana University Art Museum. Paintings, sculptures, ceramics and other pieces from around the world are included in the book with color photos.

  • IND 759.13 Pozzatti Poz

    Offering a brief review of local artist Rudy Pozzatti as artist and printmaker, the book was published as a companion to the art showing of his prints at Indiana University in 2002. Includes illustrations of many of his prints.

  • Lyn Letsinger Miller
    IND 759.13 Let

    Lavishly illustrated with color reproductions of sixteen Brown County artists' work, the book includes biographical sketches of the artists including, T. C. Steele, Gustave Baumann and Ada Walter Shulz.

  • Kathleen Foster
    IND 759.13 Benton Fos

    A history of the Thomas Hart Benton murals now housed in the Indiana University Auditorium and Woodburn Hall. The murals were commissioned by the State of Indiana to be displayed at the 1933 Chicago World's Fair. Controversial from the beginning, they were saved and moved to Indiana University in 1938 through the intervention of Herman Wells, where they continue to be a point of discussion.