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Sign up for a free, personalized Treehouse account. All you need is an email address and your Library card number and PIN (your password.) Please visit the Library account page if you do not remember your Library password or need to sign up for a Library card.

What is Treehouse?

Treehouse is an online video and interactive learning platform with a focus on the design and development of websites and mobile apps. Classes include coding languages like HTML, CSS, PHP, and Ruby, as well as iPhone and Android apps. Treehouse also offers business classes on topics like project management, marketing, and finance.

Treehouse offers unlimited access to more than 1,000 videos created by experts. The course library is continually refreshed with the latest on web technology. Learning with Treehouse is project-based, so you learn through a combination of short videos, code challenges, and quizzes, and earn badges for completing each section. The badges are an indicator of the skills learned and can be viewed online by friends, colleagues, or potential employers.

Get Started with Treehouse

To start learning with Treehouse, the only software and hardware requirements are a web browser and an Internet connection. Using your Monroe County Public Library card number and PIN (your password), you create an account with Treehouse. You can then log into the Treehouse app, where all content is accessible via the Treehouse library. Video tutorials, quizzes, and code challenges are organized into courses by topic within the library. As you embark on a project, your progress is saved in a comprehensive dashboard, which records your progress and provides you with a personalized overview of what you’re working on.

Extending from the library of content are additional resources within the app including the forum, job board, and the recently released iPad app that expand on the Treehouse curriculum and optimize your learning experience.

Your Personalized Treehouse Dashboard

When you create your Treehouse account a personalized dashboard is created for you—this is your Treehouse Home. The Treehouse Home provides access to the extensive library of content and provides an overview of the progress of your current Track. In addition, your Home outlines upcoming projects to keep you motivated to keep learning and developing your skills. This dashboard was designed to help you stay focused on your learning path, while providing a comprehensive overview of your progress.

Treehouse Tracks
Treehouse Tracks iconTracks are guided curriculums designed to help you learn a new skill or train for a specific role. Tracks are compiled of multiple projects and Deep Dives in a logical order. Tracks will guide you to the results you specifically have in mind when you’re learning. For example, Treehouse not only helps you be great at CSS or JavaScript, but also become an excellent web or mobile developer or designer, whether that helps you bring your ideas to life or land that dream job you desire.

Treehouse Library
Treehouse Library iconAll of the content taught at Treehouse is organized in the Treehouse Library for a la carte learning. Courses cover beginner and intermediate, through to advanced projects. With each broken down into bite size stages to guide you from the initial foundations of the project, through to a final product. For more specific and focused learning, Treehouse also offers Deep Dives, which explore a topic, language, or technique in greater depth.

Treehouse Forum
Library Forum iconA sense of community is essential to the learning experience Treehouse offers, which is why one of the most important features in the app is the Treehouse Forum. This is a valuable place for all students to turn to each other for help and guidance, and also somewhere for you to engage with the Treehouse team, and more importantly to interact and work alongside others.

Treehouse for iPad
Treehouse for iPadA recent exciting addition to the Treehouse learning experience is the free iPad App, which is available to download from the App Store. All Treehouse videos, quizzes, and code challenges have been adapted for the iPad. So you can pick up right where you left off and enjoy a mobile learning experience.

Aiding your Treehouse Learning Experience

Treehouse Blog
We know how important it is to keep in touch with the going-ons at Treehouse and up-to-date with the tech industry as a whole. Authored by members of the Treehouse team, and other industry experts, the Treehouse Blog features the latest news, trends, tips, and techniques from the web.

Treehouse Show
The Treehouse Show is a weekly dose of web design and development news hosted by Treehouse teachers Nick Pettit and Jason Seifer. In each episode, Nick and Jason talk about the latest in web design, web development, HTML5, front-end development, and much more. You can catch up on episodes of the show in HD, for free on iTunes.

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