Criteria for Matching

A successful tutor-learner match provides a rewarding volunteer experience for the tutor, while effectively serving the educational needs of the adult learner. The following criteria are considered when pairing tutors and learners.

  • Learner's stated needs, goals, and tutor preference
  • Tutor's previous teaching and tutoring experience
  • Tutor's preferred teaching areas and the learner's skill level and aptitude
  • Mutual availability of tutor and learner (day of week, time of day, and duration of pairing)
  • Learner's history with the program (record of progress, dependability and commitment)
  • Tutor's history with the program (previous success, dependability, and commitment)
  • Potential personal compatibility
  • Date of learner's intake interview

VITAL is not always equipped, nor is it obligated, to serve all learner applicants. We refer persons to other programs as appropriate. Indiana University students are not eligible for one to one tutoring.