"180 Seconds" reviewed by Kate Ramsey on October 19, 2019

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Kate Ramsey
180 Seconds
Jessica Park
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I enjoyed the idea of this book and the characters. Jessica Park did a great job of developing each character and their back story. I don't know if it is just me or if anyone else felt this way, but I felt like their were not plot twists or a climax to the story until the very end of the book. I also thought the conversation between Esben and Allison was overdone and really corny. I enjoyed when they first met each other, but after every conversation was too much. Again, I enjoyed the book, but rated it 3 stars. I would have liked more plot twists or changes in pace of the book. The book was hard to read for me because I lost my dad to cancer and this book reminded me of the struggle of cancer. That's not why I gave the book 3 stars, but just what it reminded me of. It is good to see though what cancer patients go through and how each person handles it around them and that it isn't just the person, but their family it affects too.
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