"After" reviewed by Kate Ramsey on October 19, 2019

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Kate Ramsey   
Anna Todd   
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This book was so back and forth. I quit reading it half way through, but hate not finishing a book so I went back to finish it. I'm glad I finished reading it, but it definitely frustrated me during the book. The book definitely sucked me in for sure, but the constant betrayal of Tessa's trust and her constantly going back and forth to him made me furious. You would think she would give up on him for being such a jerk to her constantly even from the beginning. The book made me upset because it made it seem okay that he can verbally abuse her over and over again and that she will forgive him every single time. The ending had me so mad! I was more so frustrated at the whole situation of the ending than the actual book itself. Also, the fact that after they "dated" for two months and she moves in with him, ruins her relationship completely with her mom all for Hardin!? I loved that the book sucked me in to its plot, but was frustrated with the plot line. I feel like I am going to finish out the series because I am curious. I rate this book a 3 because I was flustered with the plot, but I was also sucked into the story. It's a love/hate relationship I feel like. I was rooting for Hardin and Tessa the whole time and completely despised Molly.   
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