"Dance with the Devil" reviewed by Link on May 12, 2013

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Dance with the Devil   
Sherrilyn Kenyon   
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Zarek is the “baddest boy” hero that even the “regular” soulless bad boy Dark Hunters fear (book 4 in the series). His mortal life starts with his mother paying to have him killed as a newborn and betrayals get worse from there. His immortal life isn’t much cheerier. After 900 years of harsh solitary exile in frozen Alaska, he is slated for execution with one last chance: being judged by a Justice Nymph Astrid. Sister to the Greek Fates, Astrid is herself pretty jaded and has never found an accused to be innocent. In contrast to the earlier books in the series were there are clear enemies in the modern world, Zarek’s story plays out in large part in dreamscapes of his past and Astrid’s fantasies. Still there is plenty of action in battle and bedroom scenes. Being the “baddest” and most misunderstood of course means he is that much more enticing for readers of the series and the virginal Astrid. Hidden truths come out explaining lapses in Zarek’s memories and further the overarching series narrative between the Artemis and the first Dark Hunter, Acheron.    
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