"The False Prince" reviewed by Leah R. Clausman on March 2, 2015

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Leah R. Clausman   
The False Prince   
Nielsen, Jennifer A.    
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The first book of the Ascendance Trilogy. In this medieval type series of sword fighting, horse riding, and royalty, you're introduced to the pickpocket Sage, a boy teenager. As quickly as you learn he's an orphan, Sage is bought by a mysterious man by the name of Bevin Conner. Quickly collected with four other orphan boys throughout the made-up country of Carthya, Sage is brought to an estate were he learns more of this mysterious man's plan for the boy who will be finally chosen. With the purposed and sad murder of one of the four, Sage finds out that this is no ordinary game of obedience, but a deathly one concealing a more treasonous route. With brushes of romance and beginnings of friendships, The False Prince pulls you into a story skillfully written and starts you on a twisted journey, making you reach for the second and third books.    
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