"Space Battle Lunchtime Volume One: Lights, Camera, Snacktion!" reviewed by Phoenix Rayng on March 4, 2018

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Phoenix Rayng   
Space Battle Lunchtime Volume One: Lights, Camera, Snacktion!   
Natalie Riess   
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Do you like aliens, queers, and cooking shows? This is the perfect book for you. The first volume of this graphic novel duo about a human girl, Peony, lesbian lizard girl, Neptuna, and an evil (?) melonhead fighting to win an alien cooking show will make it impossible for you to put it down. The story is fresh and very unique, There's not much more I can say without ruining the whole plot. If I've caught your interest so far, I recommend you pick up both volume one and two, because after volume one leaves you on edge, you'll want volume two immediately!    
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