"Space Battle Lunchtime Volume Two: A Recipe for Disaster" reviewed by Phoenix Rayng on March 4, 2018

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Phoenix Rayng   
Space Battle Lunchtime Volume Two: A Recipe for Disaster   
Natalie Riess   
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The second volume in this action filled, queer character graphic novel is a perfect ending and second half to the first volume. After Peony is captured by Melonhead we are left wondering where did Melonhead send her? How is Neptuna going to react? What will happen to Space Battle Lunchtime? Not only are all of these questions answered in all the right ways, we get the queer romance we all need and want in the media in the form of a human lesbian and alien lesbian's adorable relationship. The story blesses us with action we didn't get to see enough of in Volume one with a huge action scene. The ending is perfect and leaves us wondering what's next for Peony, Neptuna, and the others from Space Battle Lunchtime.   
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