"A Spear of Summer Grass" reviewed by Luann D on May 10, 2016

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Luann D   
A Spear of Summer Grass   
Deanna Raybourn   
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Usually for books I have enjoyed, I begin to cast a fictitious movie. A Spear of Summer Grass takes us back to 1953 with Clark Gable, Grace Kelly and Ava Gardner in Mogambo. In A Spear of Summer Grass, it is the 1920's and fun flapper Delilah's antics are cover for the tragedy of World War I. Exiled to Africa by her family, she crosses paths with larger than life Ryder White, a big game hunter and safari guide. This part could be played by Harrison Ford as well at Gable. Delilah soon falls not only for Ryder but also for mysterious Kenya, and it's people, animals and customs. This book is fun, contains some violence, it is Africa after all, some sex but nothing graphic. A great summer read.    
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