"Tonight and Always" reviewed by Loretta C. on February 26, 2015

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Loretta C.   
Tonight and Always   
Nora Roberts   
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The author writes from the point of view of Kasey Wyatt, a beautiful, twenty-five year old, single, savvy and intelligent female anthropologist. Kasey has been employed to help the aristocratic, athletic, single, and complicated Jordan to write his book. Kasey brings joy to the Palm Springs estate, but enrages the homeowner, who is Jordan's mother, that he thought he had under control. The eleven- year-old granddaughter blossoms during this brief visit by Kasey. The author is a wizard at describing her characters. "Pops" is the one to bring the situation under control. The book is a quick, easy read. It is one to take to the beach or keep handy to read while waiting for tardy friends at restaurants.    
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