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Looking for Classic Audiobooks? Try LibriVox

Outside of the Library, there are plenty of sources for audiobooks, but they usually have one thing in common––they cost money. While the Library is your best bet for free audiobooks of more recent titles, for free audiobooks in the public domain (books published before 1923), there's LibriVox. There, a diverse range of popular and unpopular authors are given a voice, from Shakespeare to H.P. Lovecraft, Mark Twain to Dostoyevsky, and Aphra Behn to Stendhal.


A Short History of DADA

"Beautiful like the chance meeting on a dissection table of a sewing machine and an umbrella." —Compte de Lautréamont

Is it possible for an art movement to be anti-art? What would such a movement (anti-movement?) even look like? For the founders of DADA, which grew out of the aftermath of World War I in Europe, the answer is disruption—of society, of culture, and of art itself. 

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United Nations World Population Day

world-population.pngPHOTO: ANDERS SANDBERG

July 11 is UN World Population Day, harkening back to 1987’s “Day of Five Billion,” when the United Nations sought to highlight population growth and development issues. The response worldwide was massive, so the UN decided to make the date a yearly reminder that issues of family, human rights, poverty, health, environment, and development are problems with deep roots needing deep commitment.


Online Learning Made Easy


One simple fact about the modern world is that the need for learning never ends. Another simple fact? The cost of learning keeps going up. As the Rolling Stones once said:

What can a poor boy do
Except play in a rock and roll band . . .

Nowadays, a poor boy can also go to LinkedIn Learning through the Library’s website and, with just his Library card barcode number, learn the basics of music— and how to play it, record it, and promote it. And that’s just the beginning of what he can learn with LinkedIn Learning's high-quality, self-paced online video lessons.

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