ReferenceUSA - The Premier Source of Business and Residential Information

Did you know that the library has a powerful database available to its members?  ReferenceUSA is a leading provider of business and consumer research.  The site was initially designed as a powerful research tool for small businesses, students, and job seekers.  The database has information on over 20 million businesses as well as 222 million consumers.  You can use ReferenceUSA to look up the phone numbers and addresses of any of these businesses or people in the database. Image

Do you own or are planning on opening a small business here in Bloomington?  You can use ReferenceUSA to scope out the competition.  This database will allow you to select a location and conduct a radius search of similar businesses in an area defined by you.  You can look up how long the competition has been in business as well as how good their credit rating is.

Students can use ReferenceUSA to find articles about businesses based in the United States.  Additionally, they can perform powerful searches for research papers and class projects.  ReferenceUSA can provide data summaries from small neighborhoods up to an entire state.

Are you planning on moving out of you current home?  You can use ReferenceUSA to research potential neighborhoods.  Use it to look up home values and the median income for your next neighborhood.

Do you have an interview with a company you know nothing about?  Use ReferenceUSA to give yourself background knowledge that may give you the edge in an interview.  ReferenceUSA has details on over 14 million U.S. businesses, including human resource contacts and links to job postings.

Profiling more than 1 million physicians and dentists, ReferenceUSA's HealthCare database gives researchers a unique look at a doctor's practice. Essential information includes the doctor's specialty, age, medical school attended, year of graduation and hospital affiliation.


Find ReferenceUSA on our A - Z Research Tools page.  If you are outside of the library, you will need your library card # to use ReferenceUSA.