The Election Process: What You Need to Know

Polling Place

You're registered to vote (right?), and eager to make your voice heard. Now what? Knowing what to expect this General Election Day (November 6) means you'll get to the polls ready to help decide what happens in your community, state, and nation.

The process of participating in an election isn't difficult, but you do need to be prepared for each step in the process. Along with Be a Voter!, resources like the First Time Voters Guide over at Accredited Schools Online are a good place to start for new—and even longtime—voters.

For the absolute beginner, the First Time Voters Guide offers a handy overview of the steps you'll take up to Election Day. There's also a breakdown of the issues relevant to women, students, LGBTQ, and others, tips for voting away from home (Hello, students!), and even a guide to the political parties you might identify with.

Healthy democracies depend on citizens who participate—and that means making voting a habit. Are you ready for November 6?