Just Four Days Until We Vote

Elections 2018It's hard to believe our Be a Voter! Election Day counter has ticked down to only four, but it's true: next Tuesday, May 8, the winners in each party are chosen in our Primary election, and will go on to face off in November's midterm General Election. Lots of public offices—from US Senator and US House Representative, to state-level reps, to (depending on exactly where you live) more local positions like County Prosecutor and City Council member—are up for grabs.

You can be sure you're ready for Tuesday by taking a look at our recent guide to preparing for Primary day. But in fact, you don't even have to wait that long: early voting has been open for a few weeks now, and is very easy to do. Take advantage! More info on early voting [mp4]

No matter how (or for whom) you decide to vote, the important thing is that you're exercising your right—and fulfilling your duty—as a citizen. Make your plan now, and be a voter in this Primary Election!

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