Less Than a Month Until Primary Election Day—Are You Prepared?

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It's hard to believe it'll be early May soon, which means the May 8 Primary Election is just around the corner. That day, Monroe County voters decide, among other things, who faces off in the November General Election as candidates for US Senator and US Representative, as well as for offices like Judge, Sheriff, and Commissioner at the County level—and even Township-level offices.

Smart voters know there's more to making your voice heard on Election Day than just intending to show up. With all the demands on our time and attention, it's important to have the details of our voter registration, an understanding of what we're voting on, and a plan for the big day worked out ahead of time. Make it a point today to get the answers to these questions nailed down:

Is my voter registration valid and up-to-date? As recently as a year ago, thousands of voter registrations in Monroe County were cancelled, so even if you've voted with no problems in the past, it's always a good idea to double-check that your registration is still active. The good news? It's easy to check your voter registration status on the State of Indiana's online Voter Portal.

Where do I vote? It doesn't happen often, but you might have been assigned a new polling place, even if you haven't changed addresses. Once again, the Voter Portal on the State of Indiana's website is your friend here. Just plug in a few personal details to see your county precinct number, then consult the Monroe County precinct map for the address where you'll vote.

What will be on my ballot? At the Monroe County Voters website, you can see PDF preview images of Primary Election ballots for every precinct in Monroe County. Remember, though, that in the Indiana Primaries you'll only get a ballot for Republican or Democratic candidates (not both), so be sure to look specifically for the ballot of the party for whom you intend to vote on May 8.

Am I ready for Election Day on May 8? In addition to knowing where to cast your vote, do you know the hours voting takes place on Tuesday, May 8? Have you made arrangements with your employer to take time off to vote, if necessary? Do you have transportation and the proper identification to vote in Indiana? Get all these details settled so you don't miss your chance to exercise your right (and duty) as a citizen.

Who do I know who needs my help in order to vote? You're all set to participate in this year's Primary Election—what about other people you know? Ask friends and family if they're ready for Election Day on May 8. Does everyone have a plan? Can you offer to help them with information or a ride?

Once you're at the polls on Election Day, voting is easy and straightforward. But as with many of life's important moments, it's vital that you prepare ahead of time. Be sure to check Be a Voter! for information and updates throughout this election season.