Monroe County Doesn't Vote Today—Celebrate Election Day Anyhow



It's Election Day in many places in the United States—although this year Monroe County isn't one of them. But just because you aren't heading to the polls today doesn't mean you shouldn't take the opportunity to be a voter.

News of elections in other parts of the country is a good reminder that you need to be prepared for the next opportunity you'll have to vote: in the Primary Election on Tuesday, May 8, 2018. That's when we help decide which candidates will go on to represent their parties in the midterm elections next November, when we elect a number of local, state, and federal leaders and vote on other issues. Here's what you can do:

Save the date. It may not seem like it, but the Primary Election will be here before you know it. Make plans now to get two people to the polls on May 8—yourself and a friend. To help you remember, you'll notice we've created a countdown timer to the Primary Election in May at the top of this page (mobile users may need to view it in a separate window). 

Make sure you're registered. Getting registered to vote is easy, but you need to take care of it before you forget. See the Be a Voter! guide for what you need to do to be registered in time for the May 8 Primary Election.

Educate yourself. Know who the candidates you'll vote for on May 8 are, and what they stand for. Watch Be a Voter! for more information in the next couple of months—we'll pass it on as soon as it becomes available.