Improvements & Changes to the Indiana Room


About the Indiana Room

The Indiana Room is an essential part of Monroe County Public Library. Its collection and services are intended to support research of genealogical and regional historical interests. The Indiana Room space is a place for multipurpose and quiet study.

Assistance with Research and Using the Indiana Room

Librarians and staff are available to provide introductory and research assistance any time the Library is open. The Library’s subject experts are available to provide in-depth reference and research assistance by appointment.

Indiana Room Collection

The Library is committed to supporting and building the Indiana Room collection. As such, recommendations in support of genealogy and local history research are being implemented. The Library’s Indiana Room subject experts made the Indiana Room book collection non-circulating, ensuring all materials in the Indiana Room are always available for research.

Duplicate copies of titles in the Indiana Room are now available for circulation and are located in the general collection, as well as out-of-date versions of research titles and popular, mass-market nonfiction titles. Moving the circulating copies of books improves access to the collection and encourages discoverability of local resources outside the Indiana Room. The freed up space also allowed the Library to increase accessibility of the vertical file collection by moving it from behind closed doors into the public area of the Indiana Room.

The Indiana Room book collection has also been reorganized to be user-friendly and enable better discovery for patrons. The collection now follows the Dewey Decimal System. This familiar system enables patrons to discover topically similar materials together on the shelf, leading to potential discovery of titles that previously would have been separated. Finding materials from catalog searches or by browsing the shelves is now easy and straightforward.

Monroe County Bicentennial

The Library has made a great investment in supporting the Monroe County Bicentennial. The Library is a major partner in celebrating the bicentennial, along with the Monroe County History Center, City of Bloomington, Monroe County Council, County Historic Preservation Board, Chamber of Commerce, Visit Bloomington, and others. The Library has designated a librarian and allocated resources in support of the bicentennial celebration.

More than four years ago, in anticipation of the bicentennial, the Library allocated resources for development of the Monroe County Timeline. The timeline has been developed to be the authoritative and popular index of our county's historical and curiously interesting events. Local schools, longtime researchers, and all Monroe County residents will find the timeline indispensable as our County celebrates its bicentennial in 2018.

Improvements to the Indiana Room

As part of a large investment in improving customer services and wayfinding on the second floor, the Library has made improvements to the layout of the Indiana Room. Our subject experts have developed new resource guides to help you discover and use high demand resources in the Indiana Room. The Library also continues to support the digitization of resources of local value and interest.