What's New at the Library? Always Know with Automatic Notifications



Author Alert and New Arrivals, two great free services from the Library, keep you up on all the books, movies, and music as they're added to our collection. I use both of these all the time for the latest by my favorite authors and filmmakers, and they're great for personalized updates with minimal effort—I just set up my accounts, chose my preferences, and now get them automatically. These services also allow me to place holds on items as they're purchased by the Library, instead of waiting for them to hit the shelves.

Author Alert

For automatic notifications of the latest from specific authors, movie stars, or musicians, try Author Alert.

Signing up is easy—just provide your library barcode number and contact info, search for your favorite author or performer, and submit your request. Then you get alerts—by email, text, or both, depending on your settings—as soon as your title is on order.


New Arrivals

Similarly, New Arrivals notifications come automatically by email in a wide variety of categories.  I get them for the Library's newest DVDs, cookbooks, graphic novels, and science fiction and fantasy, but choices like new eBooks, biographies, large print, science, music, travel, kids' picture books are also popular. Even our latest items in Spanish and Asian languages have their own New Arrivals alerts.

To get started, just pick a category on the Library's New Arrivals page, then choose View All/Get Notifications to see a list of alerts available. Choose whether you'd like alerts to arrive in your email inbox (be sure to watch for the confirmation email confirming your alert subscription!) or your RSS feed reader, provide the information requested, and you're all set.

Never Miss New Favorites Again

Getting word of the latest and greatest at the Library is a snap, thanks to Author Alert and New Arrivals. If you need help setting up your notification services, please contact Library Staff.