Hey DJs: the Traktor Kontrol S2 Is Here!


Live DJing has come a long way since the days of keeping the party going by simply playing one song after another. The turntable revolution of the 1980s established DJs as performers in their own right—songs on vinyl records became the raw materials sonic artists mixed, "scratched," and re-fashioned into amazing new musical statements and creative experiences. Then came the next game-changer that made individual records themselves optional: by using digital controllers—some of which emulate the look and feel of a turntable and mixer setup—today's DJs are limited only by their imaginations and the number of audio files on their computers.

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Traktor Kontrol S-2 DJ ControllerAnd now it's your turn. With the new Traktor Kontrol S2 DJ controller in Level Up at the Downtown Library, you create music mixes as unique as you are,  in our Audio Studios or at a Digital Workstation—at no charge, using your Library card. To get started, ask Library Staff in Level Up for the Traktor Kontrol Quick Start Guide, or take a look at these resources:

  • Native Instruments' Traktor Kontrol S2 product page
  • Traktor Signatures, bios and videos that offer “a behind-the-scenes look at the signature styles and go-to tricks of artists from diverse genres.”
  • YouTube video from Native Instruments on getting started with Traktor Kontrol S2
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