Level Up August Highlight - Wacom Tablets

For the month of August, we’re highlighting our two Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets. We have one medium and one large sized tablet to use with digital drawing, painting, and design software. They check out in Level Up for two hours with a library card. See below a bunch of information on how to use these tablets to make the most of your designs.

Wacom Intuos Pro pen tablets 


Wacom is the industry standard for pen tablets; Level Up's Intuos Pros offer a range of features and customization options. Use the pen as you would a pen, pencil, or paintbrush with your favorite drawing software.

An overview of the Intuos Pro line from Wacom.

Instructions (PDF) 
Intuos Pro instruction manual

Product Tutorial 
Basic video instruction from Wacom on using the Intuos pen tablet.

Software Tutorial 
More detailed tutorials from Wacom that cover the pen tablet’s many applications.

Intuos Pro Tutorial (YouTube) 
Digital artist Aaron Rutten demonstrates how the Intuos Pro pen tablet works, how to set its preferences, and the different ways it can be used with drawing software.

Complete Tutorial for Photographers (YouTube) 
B&H presents a video tutorial on using the Intuos tablet to edit photos in Adobe Photoshop.

 Check back next month to see September’s Level Up Highlight!