Level Up: Where Do I Start?


So much great stuff is in Level Up—free to use with your Library card—for people of all ages and skill levels. But how do you know how to match up your creative interests with the amazing equipment and software here waiting for you?

Level Up’s useful Resources page is what you want. We've scoured the web for the best free guides to digital creativity and posted them there for beginners, experts, and everybody in between (and don't forget collection of books and magazines in Level Up!).

There's something for every artist and performer on the Resources page, from advice on writing melodic and lyrical phrases to guidance on shooting and editing green screen video to links to free beautiful, high-quality stock photos for your next project (see examples below).

Other awesome examples:

Free Code Camp A great starting point for learning to code—and best of all, you help real non-profit organizations as you learn

Harvard's Introduction to Computer Science OpenCourseware designed for those with or without programming experience

Web Development & Design 101 Extensive guide to all things web creation

19 Free Tutorials for Learning Game Development An article featuring, well, nineteen lessons on different aspects of game design, like mobile development and art and design

And lastly, I just had to show you examples found among the free stock footage resources we recommend:




PHOTO: Ryan McGuire

Incredible, right?

The resources are out there for levelling up your production skills—in music, video, art, design, and more. Visit our Resources page to find them, use Level's Up's equipment and software to practice, and share your masterpiece with the world.