Despite being short, Etienne St. Clair not only has amazing hair and slightly crooked-cute bottom teeth, but also is a perfect combination of French maturity and American goofiness - with a British accent! Does it get any better? Anna doesn't think so. But it could get worse. St. Clair (as everyone calls him) is taken.

Anna and the French Kiss, a recent Rosie Award nominee, begins with Anna's move for her senior year in high school from Atlanta to Paris. Anna's dad thinks it would be a good experience for her to attend the School for Americans in Paris and pulls some strings to get her into this exclusive school. It is tricky at first, because the school is small and Anna is the only new student (aaaand doesn't speak any French). Despite feeling homesick for her best friend, a new romance from her old job at the movie theater, and her little brother all back in Atlanta, Anna makes friends with her neighbor in the dormitory and starts hanging out with her and St. Clair's circle of friends.

Anna discovers the joys of French pastries, local cinemas, and the sights and sounds of Paris but her feelings for St. Clair are making their close friendship a struggle. Of course there is drama and some really serious problems that come up over the course of the year. Anna has to make some tough decisions and over the course has to really learn what it means to be a good person and friend.  

While Anna's situation at a fancy boarding school in Paris is amazing, it is also pretty much out of reach. But she is a really relatable character both quirky and fun - and definitely not perfect! St. Clair isn't perfect either, but definitely crush-worthy. This is a fast read because you will be cheering for Anna and St. Clair page after page. 

Don't forget about Lola and the Boy Next Door - Anna and St. Clair show up as side characters in this second novel by Stephanie Perkins!