Don't Miss These "Best of 2016" Book Lists

The wave of best-of-2016 lists on the internet has subsided, leaving recommendations for book lovers of all reading interests to wade through and enjoy. You’ve probably seen a number of this year’s must-read lists in the usual places (Recommended Reads for 2016 by Library Staff, anyone?); here’s a “list of lists” from sources you may not have considered.

kirkus_010117_online_cover-99.pngKirkus Reviews. One of the library world’s most popular and trusted sources of book reviews, Kirkus is known for its keen eye for quality, the wide range of reviews it offers, and the particular attention it pays to books by independent publishers. You can find picks for 2016 in fiction, nonfiction, and indie genres—as well as those for middle grades, picture books, and teens—on the Kirkus website.


brain-pickings-205_0.pngBrain Pickings. Maria Popova is one of the world’s most book-obsessed bloggers—and fortunately for us, she’s happy to share her obsession, in the form of the best-of book lists she publishes annually on her blog Brain Pickings. This year there’s her 16 Overall Favorite Books, Best Children’s Books, and the Greatest Science Books of 2016. Seriously, where does she find the time?


novelistplus_logo_0_0.pngNovelist. Ah, Novelist. Access it through the Library’s website and you’ve got a powerful, customizable tool that draws upon an enormous database of fiction and nonfiction reviews to recommend the books just right for you. The library professionals at Novelist don’t wait for you to come calling, though—they’ve also got tons of ready-made lists of book recommendations, including their favorites for 2016 in multiple genres.


longform_0.pngLongform. Not all great writing is book-length, of course. Longform is a website that scours the web for journalism or blogging that reads like your favorite nonfiction. You can see their Top Ten articles of 2016—picked from nearly 1400 outstanding articles in over 300 publications—or browse the whole pile by topics like Tech, Sports, History, and more.


The best part: you can find most of the books and articles listed right in the Library’s collection—in print and digital formats. Be sure to contact us for any help you might need in tracking a title down.