Downton Abbey Reads

Downton AbbeyThe Times had a good article the other day about publishers trying to ride the Downton Abbey wave. In that spirit, here are some books at MCPL that share some of the period charm and dramatic power of this fantastic show. If you're like me, you can't get enough of it.
Rose: My Life in Service: The memoir of a humble girl entering service in the 1920s, serving as Lady Astor's maid, and glimpsing a world of great glamor.
Below Stairs: the Classic Kitchen Maid's Memoir: For a bit of Daisy-inspiring perspective, this memoir of an ambitious kitchen maid is a sizzling look at the underside of great houses.
A Bitter Truth: A mystery set in WWI, in which battlefield nurse Bess finds herself entangled in a foul plot in a Sussex mansion.

Our Lady of Pain: An Edwardian Murder Mystery: A ligther-hearted series, Chesney's Edwardian mysteries feature an impetuous young noblewoman and a gruff but handsome private detective.
The House at Riverton: In her old age, a maid who worked at a great house at the end of the Edwardian period looks back on a secret-shrouded death from that time.
The Children's Book: Giant and immersive, this gorgeous book follows the lives of a large, artistic family at the sunset of England's Edwardian period and during the the stark changes of wartime.
Atonement: Although it reaches into the present, the terrible central events in this novel take place in the last innocent moments of prewar England and the subsequent tragic wartime.
The Stranger's Child: : An achingly beautiful and refined tale of a doomed love story begun just a short while before WWI.
My Dear I Wanted To Tell You: An epic-feeling novel of love, class, and the massive shifts induced in English society by WWI.
The American Heiress: A Lady Cora-ish story of an American bride who marries into the British aristocracy and is caught up in a new, unkind world.