Tales from Outer Suburbia

Who says suburban living has to be dull and unimaginative? Welcome Shaun Tan's Tales from Outer Suburbia, which takes traditional suburban ideal living and turns it on it's head. This book is bursting with imagination as it tells 15 short, illustrated short stories filled with wonder, loss, peace, hope and redemption. Not to make it sound all like butterflies and flowers, there is a slight bizarre and surreal edge to these tales that will leave the reader both wondering and and inspired.

Shaun Tan is the author of the beautiful and text-less graphic novel, The Arrival, which tells a very personal tale of immigration in a very universal way. His illustrations have won him awards, including a recent Academy Award for his short film, The Lost Thing.
Tales from Outer Suburbia is in the Young Adult collection, but may also be appealing to a wider range of audiences. If you have ever been the kid to doodle monsters in the pages of your homework, or have an interest in creative storytelling, then this book is for you.