While You're Waiting...Yes Please

Yes Please by Amy Poehler


SNL star and honorary Hoosier (it’s okay to call her that, right? Is any fictional character a better example of a Hoosier than Leslie Knope?) has gifted us with a collection of biographical essays and comical observations. In them we learn about Poehler’s start in improv with the Upright Citizen’s Brigade and her reoccurring role as Andy Richter’s little sister Stacy on the Late Night With Conan O’Brien Show. When recounting her rise to fame, Poehler is filled with humility and praise for those around her. While there are plenty of laugh out loud moments in the book,  a strong message of empowerment permeates throughout.  Not a self-help book, but at times it feels like Amy Poehler is your own personal cheerleader.


Bossypants by Tina Fey

Written by Amy Poehler’s real life BFF and fellow SNL alumna, Fey’s book is also a collection of humorous stories but also includes thoughtful observations about being a woman in charge in a field primarily dominated by men.  Through the more personal essays we see Fey’s transformation from an awkward, intelligent little girl to a writer and star of SNL.  Protip- listen to the audiobook! Fey’s delivery is priceless!


My Boyfriend Wrote a Book About Me: And Other Stories I Shouldn't Share with Acquaintances, Coworkers, Taxi drivers, Assistants, Job Interviewers, ... and Ex/Current/Future Boyfriends but Have by Hilary Winston

Hilary Winston was perusing a Los Angeles bookstore when she stumbled upon the newly published book by her ex-boyfriend. Against better judgment she picked it up to read the summary-and found it shockingly familiar.  As in it was a fictional account of her relationship with him, and fictional Hilary was referred to a number of times by an unsavory nickname.  Winston, a writer for the TV shows Community and My Name is Earl decides to write her own book-and filled it with stories of doomed relationships, awkward situations, stories about the Olive Garden, and cats.


Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling

You may recognize Kaling as Kelly from The Office or from The Mindy Project.  Is Everyone… is a tour of Kaling’s life through stories, anecdotes, lists and pictures.  Fun fact:  Kaling rose to fame after portraying Ben Affleck in an off-Broadway show titled “Matt and Ben.”  More a conversation than a memoir, Kaling’s book is quirky and pleasant and a great way to spend an afternoon.  Highlights include: “narcissistic Blackberry” photos; Irish Exits; and why do men put their shoes on so slowly?  Look for Kaling's next book Why Me later this year!


I Was Told There’d Be Cake by Sloan Crosley

Sloane Crosley doesn’t work in television-though she has appeared on an episode of Gossip Girl, but her collection of essays are on par with the hilarious and talented women mentioned above.  Crosley focuses on the oddity and selfishness of adulthood.  Her essays are highly entertaining and relatable, especially for those who grew up in the late 80s/early 90s.  Highlights include: The Oregon Trail (computer game not historical event); an out of control My Little Pony Collection and despoiling a butterfly exhibit at the Natural History Museum.