The Big Bang Theory

After receiving recommendations from a number of friends for the TV show The Big Bang Theory, I decided it was finally time to check it out. I sat down to watch a couple of episodes of the first season and ended up watching six back to back. The show, a half hour comedy, features physicists, roommates, and super geniuses Sheldon and Leonard. Settled comfortably into nerddom, their lives are interrupted with the arrival of a new neighbor, a blond waitress named Penny. Leonard, the more social of the two, is immediately interested, but Sheldon is taken aback and does not welcome Penny's intrusion into his ordered existence. Also featuring engineer friends Howard (ultimate nerd and wannabe ladies' man) and Raj (unable to even talk to women), The Big Bang Theory is hilarious. For its over-the-top but still believable characters and laugh out loud situations (such as when all four guys end up dressing as The Flash for Halloween), I highly recommend this show.