The Fall

This visuaImagelly stunning film isn't just a pretty picture, it has an excellent story (actually there are two storylines) to go with it. Set in a Los Angeles area hospital in the 1920s The Fall stars Lee Pace (of the wonderful Pushing Daisies) as Roy, an injured stuntman who befriends Alexandria, a young girl with a broken arm. Depressed over the loss of his lover

and the fact that he is paralyzed Roy sees Alexandria as a means to gain access to morphine pills which he may be able hoard in order to kill himself. Roy draws the young girl in by spinnning the fabulous tale of an international group of vengeanance seekers including a masked bandit (played by Pace), an escaped African slave and Charles Darwin and his monkey. All want to kill the corrupt Governor Odius, each for his own reason. These stories are told as beautifully filmed fantasy sequences throughout the movie. In this way we hear Roy's words and see Alexandria's imagining of them. The director, Tarsem, also created The Cell, another visually striking, though far edgier film. The beautiful scenes in The Fall were shot over four years in more than a dozen different countries, and the time and detail put into creating this film are evident. The young actress who plays Alexandria knew little English and was reportedly unaware of the actual filming process, which results in an incredibly natural "performance." The Fall is a celebration of imagination, beauty and the wonders that can be brought to film.

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