The Sons of Anarchy or SAMCRO

About two years ago in the summer of 2009 I watched the entire television series called "The Shield." Our library had the first three seasons and I rented the other four elsewhere. I always ranted and raved about how great the show was to other people so imagine my surprise

when I found out that one of the writers for "The Shield" was writing for "The Sons of Anarchy."

I just finished season one and found it to be every bit as tough and gritty as "The Shield." There is quite a bit of violence as the outlaw bikers seek revenge and justice on other motorcycle gangs and their personal enemies. One of the great things about this show is that there are no good guys (or girls) and every character is a flawed character in some way or another. It's impossible to like anyone or hate anyone, yet, you get the feeling that you want some of them to succeed and others to fail.