Digital Learning Day is February 1

For decades now, teachers and others have recognized that technology can play a role in enhancing education and opportunities for learning. To help promote the efforts of teachers who have effectively incorporated technology in their instructional practices - and to encourage others to experiment with digital tools and discover how they may be used to strengthen student learning - the Alliance for Excellent Education has declared Feburary 1 as national Digital Learning Day.

The Digital Learning Day home page features tool kits with lists of resources you can try out. But you might try starting with our list of online resources you can use to Practice Your Reading Skills. Or, you might read an animated storybook available through Tumblebooks. (Connect to Tumblebooks though the Children's Services home page.) Many Tumblebook stories can now be enjoyed on an iPad.

And speaking of iPads, we'll have some iPads out in the Children's Department on Wednesday for you try out. We can show you how to search our collection for children's titles in an ebook or audiobook format, and how to download them for free. And you can try out some of the educational games and activities for children we've saved to our iPads.

No need to worry if you can't visit with us on Wednesday. Exploring how children can use digital media to enhance learning is an ongoing interest. We're especially curious to learn what your favorite digital learning tool is. Or, what digital media do you share with your children? Let us know. We'd love to hear from you. And so would the New York Times. The newspaper invited readers to predict the future of computing. Take a look at the suggestions submitted and vote for ideas you agree with - and find more resources from the New York Times for Teaching With and About Technology.


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