Freegal Music: It's For Kids, Too!

FreegalIn our Move to the Groove program last month, we took a look at how you can find dance music at the library. I had pulled a sampling of CDs from our collection to share with the kids, but also demonstrated how anyone with a library card - and a computer -- can download music for free through Freegal!

Realizing that more and more people are accessing music online and looking for convenient ways to listen to their favorite songs on mobile devices, MCPL purchased a subscription to Freegal last year. When you log in to Freegal with your library card and password, you have access to millions of songs from more than 10,000 labels associated with the Sony Music catalog. Card holders can download 3 songs per week. The kicker is -- they never have to be returned. They are yours to keep. You can transfer songs from your computer to your iPod, or other device that supports music in an mp3 format.

And the real exciting news is that Freegal has at last developed an app for iOS and Android devices so you can now download directly to your iPhone, etc. Search for songs by title, artist, album, or genre. One of the genre choices is for Children's Music, which brings up a range of artists from Alvin and the Chipmunks, to Dan Zanes and Friends, as well as the ever popular Pete Seeger and Shel Silverstein.

One of the music CDs I had featured in the Move to the Groove program was Kidz Bop 21. This collection of songs (today's biggest hits sung by kids for kids) is also currently a featured album on Freegal. Now you can download a version of "Party Rock Anthem" and listen to it whenever you like, wherever you like, for as long, or as often as you like -- it never has to be returned! Or maybe you prefer Pete Seeger. That's the beauty of Freegal - like the library in general -- there's something for everyone.

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