Frogs - Where are You??

There is nothing that heralds the arrival of Spring like the sound of the spring peepers. I enjoyed listening to their chorus when it was warm enough a couple weeks ago to open the windows and hear them singing in the evening from the creek in the backyard. But frogs are often hard to see - especially now that the weather has turned cold again!

To get a wonderful close up peek at spring peepers and other frogs, take a look at Nic Bishop's book Frogs. It's filled with beautiful color photographs of a variety of frogs and fascinating facts about them, too.

(Did you know that frog skin comes in every color and can even be see-through?) If you prefer butterflies or lizards to frogs, Nic Bishop has gorgeous books about those creatures, too, all recommended for children in grades 2-6.

Until the weather warms up again and the spring peepers resume their song, you can listen and watch them in the Naturesound Studio video.