Look for Early Literacy Spots at the Library

EarlyLitandPatThere are so many everyday opportunities to talk with your young child about letters and numbers and other early literacy concepts -- things your child knows about reading and writing before they can actually read and write. You can point out letters on street signs and store names, or note the numbers on speed limit signs and addresses on buildings. We are reinforcing this idea that developing a child's knowledge of letters, numbers, colors, shapes, sizes, etc. can happen in small ways every day, by creating "Early Literacy Spot" activities throughout the children's area of the Main Library.

This month, we have been talking about "transportation" in many of our programs, so our newest early literacy spots relate to this theme. Next time you are by the "Ask Questions Here" desk, look for the red column where we have posted pictures of different vehicles with a ruler noting how tall the wheels on these vehicles are. Is your child taller than the wheels of an old covered wagon? What number is by that vehicle? We have even posted some activities in the family restrooms! How many green cars can your child find driving across the wall?

Look for these and other early literacy spots in the library on your next visit -- and consider other everyday moments that can help your young child develop the skills they need for learning to read. For more information about early literacy, see the Every Child Ready to Read section of our website.

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