Spooktacular October Reads for Younger Elementary

Fall is a great time to curl up with a spooky read. These books are just slightly spooky, but have major laughs so they are perfect for younger elementary kids who like to be just a little bit scared.

The Phantom of the Theater (Creepella Von Cacklefur series) by Geronimo Stilton

Mischief is afoot at the Royal Mousetropolitan Theater! World famous opera singer Violetta von Cacklefur is ready to enchant the residents of Mysterious Valley with her one-of-a-kind high notes. But the vengeful phantom of the theater threatens to ruin the show when he steals Violetta’s high notes. Now Creepella and Geronimo must venture through the spooky theater and find the phantom or it’s curtains on Violetta’s career. If you are a fan of Geronimo Stilton and his enchanting friend Creepella von Cacklefur, this spooky mystery is a must-read!

Snap of the Super-Goop! (The Notebook of Doom, Book 10) by Troy Cummings

The members of the Super Secret Monster Patrol have been battling monsters in their small town for a while. But now Alexander keeps seeing monsters they have already defeated popping up all over Stermont. The rest of the monster patrol members, Rip, Nikki, and Dottie, think these resurrected monsters are nothing but a figment of his imagination. Can Alexander convince his friends these monsters are real in time to discover what new monster may be lurking in their midst? If you like hilarious and nail-biting who-done-its, you’ll love solving this monster mystery.

Bunnicula: a rabbit-tale of mystery by Deborah and James Howe

Harold the dog and Chester the cat lead a very normal family-pet life. That is, of course, until their family goes to a movie theater to watch Dracula one evening and returns with a strange rabbit named Bunnicula. Chester is convinced Bunnicula is really a vampire rabbit with a taste for innocent veggies! Harold and Chester must warn their beloved family before it is too late. This classic tale full of hilarious mystery-solving pets is not to be missed.

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