Well, what did happen on Fox Street? Lots of things, it turns out. 10-year- old Mo Wren is out of school for the year, but she is not exactly having a relaxing summer.  She has to deal with a best friend who visits for the summer, but who may have changed more than Mo realized.  She must constantly babysit her 5-year old sister Dottie, the "wild child," while their dad is working long hours at a job he doesn't like.  She still misses her mom, who died a few years before.  In the meantime, one older neighbor is keeping Mo busy with strange errands, and another may be having too many medical problems to stay in her house.

A boy Mo's age seems fixated on teaching her how to skateboard, which Mo thinks is too dangerous.  Most worrisome is when Mo realizes her dad might sell their house to an untrustworthy developer, forcing her to move away before she realizes her dream of finding the mysterious fox who lives in the ravine near their street.  Mo is so angry that her dad is even thinking of uprooting them from the only place she knows and loves.  To find out What Happened on Fox Street, I highly recommend you listen to the 4.5 hour book-on-cd, performed by actress Jeannie Stith.  Sensitively and vividly written by Tricia Springstubb, this audiobook is suitable for grades 4 through 6.

(Posted by Ellen.)