50 First Dates

What would your life be like if every day you lived the same day over and over again? Perhaps a better question would be; what would it be like for those around you who continue to move ahead in time while you continue to live the same day over and over again? This is the problem faced by Lucy (Drew Barrymore), her family and her friends in their small town after an accident causes Lucy to forget everything that has happened to her since just before her accident. Her family and the town around her try to keep her from realizing that time has moved on.

They repaint walls; they switch newspapers, change calendars; all to make Lucy believe that today is just the next day of her life.

Into this reality enters Henry Roth (Adam Sandler). While Stopping for breakfast at a local dinner and unaware of Lucy's mental condition he finds himself drawn to her. The two hit it off and enjoy the day together. Henry has never met a girl like her and the attraction appears to be mutual, so you can imagine his surprise when the next day she doesn't have any idea who he is. To keep Lucy in his life each day he must attempt again to introduce himself to her and become a part of her life. Will he succeed? Will the family and town accept his attempts? 50 First Dates is a romantic comedy with an interesting twist which I thoroughly enjoyed.

I will admit that I am not an Adam Sandler fan. I have usually been of the opinion that no matter how good an Adam Sandler movie is, it could always be vastly improved by replacing Adam Sandler with somebody; almost anybody else. This movie however was an exception. Well, almost an exception, there is one scene that epitomizes everything I dislike about Adam Sandler, but it is such a short scene and he is so perfect for the part in every other way that I was able to overlook it. This has become one of my favorite "date movies" to watch with my wife and I guess that in and of itself is saying something.

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