Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter

I will admit to having been both leery and intrigued by the premise of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. The idea of one of our historically beloved presidents being turned into Buffy the Vampire Slayer appalled me. However I like a good vampire film as much as the next person. I also like being surprised.

Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter was not an affront to the memory of Abraham Lincoln. The thoughtful man most of us picture him to be is still there. The film is really an alternate reality/history. It deals with what the world might be like if there were vampires, how these creatures of the night might have shaped our history, the Civil War and in particular how it might have shaped or rather reshaped a man like Abraham Lincoln.

Not too long ago I read an article on Abraham Lincoln and what he was like. It gave praise to the Daniel Day-Lewis film Lincoln, but then slyly mentioned that the man himself was physically more like the Lincoln in Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter. He was a man who, even though he was weighed down by the cares of a nation torn apart by civil war, was still strong and vibrant. No, this film is not factual and it is a fairly good action adventure; it is also not over the top. If the world really did have vampires and Abraham Lincoln was aware of them, this is exactly how I think he might have acted given the personal history proposed in the film. It's not going to be a film for everyone, but if you like alternate history, vampires and the civil war I think you will enjoy it.

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