Allegro Non Troppo

Almost all of us are familiar with Walt Disney's Fantasia. The premise of this movie was simple to state if not to carry out; turn a group of Disney animators loose interpreting classical music into a vibrate visual style. Walt Disney animators did this with elegance and style.

Enter Italian film producer Bruno Bozzetto. He gives us a fictional director who aspires to share with us his truly original idea; to take classical music and force an animator he has kept locked away for years upon classical music and interpret it into a vibrate visual style.

As the films starts, the director finds that some little upstart of a company named "Prisney" or something close to it had done the same basic premise years before. Determined to outdo this upstart imitator, the director whips his animator into a frenzied pace.

This film is every bit as entertaining as Walt Disney's Fantasia and Fantasia 2000 though it is aimed at an older audience and contains some pointed social satire as well. I won't say the film is better or worse than Fantasia, just different. The musical scores are just as good as those that Disney made and the animation is... AHA! Wait, there is the difference. It is often funny, irreverent, over the top and runs the gamut from simple line animation to finely detailed work. If you liked Fantasia but found it at times a little "full of itself" you will most likely enjoy Allegro Non Troppo.

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