The Best Music of 2016, According to 100+ Websites

solange-300.jpegYou appreciate a good "albums of the year" list, but what if a particular list leaves off something really great? How reliable is just one reviewer's opinion, anyhow?

You could look for picks that made several reviewers' lists—if the same album hit a bunch of radars, maybe it's worth a listen, right? Review site Album of the Year takes this idea to the extreme, by compiling the "best albums of 2016" lists from 114 web sources and ranking them accordingly.

The result, what AotY calls its 2016 Music Year End List Aggregate, draws from lists by giants like Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and Billboard, more niche outfits like Magnet and Paste, and even sources you may not normally associate with music at all (Red Bull, WIRED, Cosmopolitan). And if you'd like to look over those 114 separate lists after all? They're all linked on one page for your browsing pleasure.

And don't forget that your Library card gives you free online access to many of the titles you'll run across, through our subscriptions to services like Hoopla and Freegal. Happy listening!