Historically, whenever I've tuned in to the BBC it's been for something serious- a Jane Austin adaptation, documentary or special news program. I was surprised and delighted to discover Coupling, a half-hour sitcom centered around six thirty-something singles (three men and three women). Written and produced by Stephen Moffat and Susan Vertue, it widens the dating perspective of comedies like Bridget Jones to give both men and women a chance to laugh about why finding a match can be such a difficult process.

While tending to rely on stereotypes, it manages to remain fresh and funny with pithy dialog, playing with point-of-view and outrageous situations. My favorite episodes involve portraying the same event from several characters' perspectives. While I've always enjoyed British comedy a la Monte Python or Fry and Laurie, I've never experienced the sitcom side of things and Coupling was definitely a perfect first taste.