ImageBack in the days of B&W TV, when I was growing up, there were two shows that I remember watching quite a bit. Leave It To Beaver and Lassie. Today I find both laughable, but still entertaining for different reasons.

I stand amazed at June Cleaver vacuuming the house dressed as if she was going out for a fancy meal. Everything just seems so much simpler. The '50's and early '60's stereotypes abounded in these shows and those like them. Lassie was the perfect "boy and his dog" program. Even today we find ourselves laughing if someone quotes the line "What is it Lassie? Timmy's fallen in the well!" I suspect however that all of us would like to think that our dogs would do the same for us.

Now I take you back to the days of Leave It to Beaver. The perfect house, the small town feel and the mother dressed in heels and pearls as she goes about her job. I take you to the home of a perfect family where all the wife wants to do is keep up with the neighbors. The father may not be perfect, but he works hard for his living. Their son just wants someone to play with. Enter Fido who becomes the perfect pet for the boy, and brings the family, despite the husband's misgivings, up to par with the neighbors. Fido is part of the undead, controlled by means of an electric collar to serve man, rather than to be eathim. Fido, the story of a boy and his zombie.


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