Ghost Town

Image"Ghost Town" takes the M. Night Shyamalan movie," The Sixth Sense" and stands it on its head.   The tagline for the film says it all; "He sees dead people ... and they annoy him."  After a near death experience, Bertram Pincus (Ricky Gervais) finds he has the ability to see dead people. The dead want his attention so that they can close out the incompleteness in their lives and move on.  Pincus is a very good dentist but very inept as a human being and the type of character Gervais plays well. The role of a competent loser suits him.  His sudden ability to see the dead doesn't leave him impressed nor does it fill him with fear. Instead, it seems to annoy him.  He would much rather be left alone to be the perfect loser.


One particular ghost however manages to work his way into Pincus's life to get him to patch up his relationship with his wife and destory the new one she is developing.  At first he reluctantly agrees but then there is something about the wife that motivates and intrigues him and he begins to pull out of his shell. The film is not going to bring you big laughs;  just a lot of small ones.   The story is amazingly funny.  I have to wonder sometimes what the story would have been like if Pincus had accepted the task of fulfilling a hit man's last contract.