Oscar DVD CaseOne doesn't usually think of Sylvester Stallone in terms of comedy. OK, I'll admit some people think of all his acting as comedic, however most of us tend to think of Stallone as an action adventure star or as Rocky. Oscar is a departure from his normal role. This movie, loosely based on a French play of the same name by Claude Magnier, features Stallone as gangster boss Angelo Provolone trying to honor his father's wish that he would put aside his gangster ways and become an honest businessman.

Setting aside his guns Provolone attempts to enter the legitimate world of banking. On the day of his first meeting with local bankers he finds out that his daughter is pregnant, his accountant has been embezzling money from him and his maid is quitting. Adding to these problems are several cases of mistaken identities and an investigation by the local police.

Oscar is a fast moving comedy that would fit equally as well on the stage as it does on screen and Sylvester Stallone plays the role of the beleaguered and bewildered "mob boss" very well. He is joined by a strong ensemble cast of veteran stage and screen actors, among them Don Ameche, Tim Curry, Linda Gray and Yvonne De Carlo. I wouldn't rate this film as a "must see," but if you just want to sit back with a glass of wine, beer or soft drink, prop your legs up and have a few good laughs Oscar will certainly fill the bill.