The Raid 2

If you are looking for an action-packed, extremely violent, two-and-a-half hour movie filled with lots of amazing martial arts acrobatics and weapons used in ways that you would never wish on your worst enemy, you should try this out (in either the provided English dubbed or subtitled Indonesian versions). I wouldn't ever recommend watching a sequel before the original, but you don't really have to see the first one (which is almost half as long, but just as good); This one basically starts over where it left off.

Generic Spoiler: The main character is still alive.
This second film has a bit more plot in it (hence the running time) that at times mimics The Godfather, John Woo, Brian DePama, Johnnie To, or whomever you choose to see that it takes its references from. There are a lot of a Yakuza/Triad gangster gang turf rivalry politics going on, but this isn't really that important to the plot. The star, played by the incomparable Iko Uwais, is simply amazing in the choreographed skill displayed on-screen. He has to repeatedly get to the bad guy and there are a lot of people in his way to get there. I am usually of the opinion that no action movie really has an excuse to be over two hours, but this held my interest with its evenly spaced out fight sequences (most of which are amazing enough to make you forget if you didn't like any previous point in the film). While there is no clear break in the story, it is kind of like watching two movies at the same time. It is deliberately paced, but superbly staged and edited. If you are looking for an action movie, but you limit yourself to English-language only movies, all I can say is that you are missing out on a lot of great stuff (I was also impressed with Chocolate, a Thai movie from a few years ago). Action tends to cross language barriers more easily than other genres, and tends to work as a good entry point for those wary of watching foreign films because of the subtitles, because there are usually long stretches of movie without any talking or reading. Let the trailer speak for itself: