Regarding Henry

Recently I was reminded of the movie Regarding Henry starring Harrison Ford. Most likely this resurrection in my thought train was inspired by a stream of bad lawyer jokes. Regarding Henry is not a joke; it is however about a bad lawyer. Henry Turner is the very picture of the lawyer you don't want on the other side of your trial. All he cares about is winning the case. He doesn't care about who he hurts or what he thinks of as a worthless sense of ethics as long as the outcome is what he desires. He is very good at his job. Though he doesn't realize it his consuming drive to win is costing him his wife and daughter, both are at the point where they would prefer not to have him around. Life however, is about to change drastically when he walks into the middle of a convenience store robbery and is shot in the head. He survives... physically at least.

When he awakes he has no memory of who he was or who the people around him are. He has no choice to but to start over, learning once again how to do many of the things we take for granted. Surprisingly his wife, daughter and the law firm stand by him as he slowly relearns who he is and who he was.

With this short description you can see the direction this movie is going to take. It is the method of the journey that makes this film interesting. Recently the method for this type of "feel good" film has been brought about through some kind of magic or heavenly intervention. What I liked best about Regarding Henry is that it felt real. His wife Sarah [Annette Bening] struggles realistically with herself between leaving the man she married because he had become a monster, and staying because she is needed by him. I quite liked the idea that there was no deus ex machina to magically transform Henry's life to let him see it for what it was, nor was it there to restore him to full function either. Restoration is and will be a long arduous process, but it will also be filled with the wonder and disappointment of discovery.