It's 2011, there have been a series of deaths, they don't seem related to the police and this is what Scotland Yard is saying at their press conference.  Suddenly there is the sound of cell phone after cell phone notifying each reporter and officer in the room they have received a text.  It consists of one word only, "Wrong."   No it is not an admission from a super criminal, it's Sherlock Holmes.  The case is interesting and the game is afoot. Steven Moffat , the current producer of BBC's Doctor Who, has brought Sherlock into the 21 Century and he fits in very well indeed.

Sherlock is played as a bit of a sociopath by Benedict Cumberbatch (his real name) accompanied by an able, but often befuddled Watson (Martin Freeman).  Watson is not so much befuddled by Sherlock's amazing abilities, but by his ignorance of all social graces.  Sherlock is fun, smart, and often surprising and has to be seen, it can't really be described. Sherlock is as smart or smarter than in his previous incarnations, in film and TV, but he almost seems to be an alien in a strange land that he understands very well, even though it often surprises him.  In truth he sounds and acts quite a bit like Doctor Who.  If you aren't familiar with Doctor Who I strongly recommend it as well.  It is after all the longest running TV show in Britain.